'Little Women's Abby Quinn Knows The Power Of Women's Voices

Shanelle Infante/Elite Daily

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Today's young actors are experiencing a more inclusive and accommodating Hollywood than ever before, and talking to Little Women's Abby Quinn is further proof of that. The rising star's growing career is evidence of the positive shift in acting opportunities, and her experiences working on projects about and created by women have not gone unnoticed.

Quinn has a slew of anticipated features arriving soon. She appears in the digital feature Good Girls Get High and will star in the upcoming revival of '90s sitcom Mad About You. This December, audiences will also get to see her in Greta Gerwig's mega-hyped Little Women adaptation, in which she'll play the role of Annie Moffat, a friend of the March family.

As a longtime fan of the 1994 film version, Quinn's excitement about the historic role pretty much matched her enthusiasm for appearing alongside stars such as Emma Watson, who plays the oldest March sister, Meg.

"I think it was 20 women at this party and we have to walk up a big staircase in these huge gowns," Quinn says in an interview with Elite Daily, recalling details from the scenes she shot. "The second scene, we’re supposed to be drinking Champagne and laughing, and [Watson is] just really kind. It was really fun having a scene with her. It was pretty surreal … I still haven’t really processed that."

Working with admirable women has become customary for Quinn. She recently appeared alongside Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams in After the Wedding, a drama following an orphanage co-founder who agrees to attend the wedding of a wealthy benefactor's daughter (played by Quinn). She says watching the acclaimed Williams and Moore on both sides of the camera helped her realize what it meant to be a leading lady.

"I was really struck by how Michelle and Julianne carry themselves, especially on set," Quinn explains. "They were not afraid to really voice their opinions and make sure that their needs are met, which I just found really inspiring, and I’m now looking forward to growing in this industry and to continue acting knowing that there are women like that in the field. I feel like I can become that one day, you know, be really comfortable with being vocal."

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