I'm Freaking Out Over Lin-Manuel Miranda Joining The Cast Of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Gareth Cattermole/Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When Brooklyn Nine-Nine was cancelled on FOX last year, fans all around the country cried out in protest on Twitter, demanding the show be saved. While the majority of those fans are simply average, everyday people, one such fan happens to also be a Pulitzer Prize-winning performer, writer, and composer himself. And when you're a Pulitzer Prize-winning performer, writer and composer yourself, you get to have a guest starring role on the show you were so vocal about saving. That's right, Lin-Manuel Miranda is joining Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and it's going to be epic. I truly can't wait, and luckily fans don't have to wait too long. Miranda will play David Santiago, Amy's brother and rival, on the March 7 episode of NBC's newest show.

Miranda is actually just one of several famous fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine – including Seth Meyers, Mark Hamill, and The Backstreet Boys – who voiced their outrage when the show was cancelled. After receiving so much support, series co-creator Dan Goor dubbed the group the "Guardians of the Nine-Nine." He told TVLine in May that it "would be a dream" to have at least one of them on the show as a thank you for helping to revive it on NBC, and it looks like now that dream is becoming a reality.

Based on his tweet, apparently Miranda watches very little television, which makes sense since he probably doesn't have much spare time away from the approximately gajillion projects he's always working on. So it's no shock that he's so passionate about one of the few shows he watches. He expressed just how deep his Brooklyn Nine-Nine love runs on an appearance on Late Night last year:

There's no word yet on specific plot details of Miranda's episode, but the episode title has been released: "The Golden Child." Since we know Miranda is playing Amy's brother and rival, we can infer that the rivalry will probably have something to do with super-competitive, perfectionist Amy clashing with her sibling. Maybe there will be a question of which of them is really the golden child in the Santiago family?

Miranda is famous creating and starring in the hit musical Hamilton, so there's always the possibility that he might bring some of his musical talents to the 99. Could there be a Hamilton parody to satiate all the musical fans out there? Hopefully Miranda won't throw away that shot (sorry I had to). Regardless of whether or not there will be music incorporated into Miranda's Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode, fans are very excited to see him on their screens very soon.

Miranda is the first of the "Guardians of the Nine-Nine" to appear on the show, but hopefully he won't be the last. It would be amazing to see The Backstreet Boys join a lineup for another Jake-led sing-along of "I Want It That Way." But, until that day, you can catch Miranda at your favorite precinct on March 7 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.