The Slime Clothing Trend Is Fall 2018's Most Surprising Fad, But It's Freaky Good

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For reasons that only the universe seems to know, a certain hue will take over the fashion world every now and again and become the only one that matters. Millennial pink and millennial lilac had their heydays but now, there's a new color craze — and it is freaky. Lime green dresses, pants, shoes, bags, tops, hair (everything?!) are officially peak cool, meaning slime is in — and not just in Sci Fi films. Nerds, our sartorial era, however short live it might be, has come.

Lime green started popping up earlier this summer on a handful of the coolest tastemakers around and from there, its popularity grew. Kim Kardashian stepped out with slime green hair while in Miami and not long after wore the color again, this time in dress form for 2 Chainz' wedding. SZA, too, went for neon strands and twin DJs and influencers Simi and Haze have rocked the blinding hue too many times to count. Naturally, fashion did its thing and took note of the growing trend so that by the time Spring/ Summer 2019 Fashion Month came around in December, catwalks was crawling with slime. Designers including Jeremy Scott, Prabal Gurung, Cushnie et Ochs, Natasha Zinko, Emporio Armani and more all championed the color.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're down to get weird, shop ten of sickest slime products on the market below. Head turns guaranteed.

Hear This

I never thought I'd be able to say that slime could make for a cool modern earring but here we are.

Bright Top

No one will ever lose you in a crowd again. Unless the whole neon hat trend really takes off.

Here & There

If full-on slime isn't your thing, this skirt, which features accents of the hue, is a great alternative.

Team Love

I had to show my team some love by choosing the Yankees hat (go ahead and booh me, Mets fans), but Urban Outfitters has this exact style available for a bunch of different teams.


Look like a turtle that grew up in a nuclear spill zone. Chic, no?!

Bell of the Ball

The silhouette of this dress might actually be more arresting than its color—and that's saying a lot! If you're into cozy turtlenecks and bell sleeves then this is your dream piece.

Pure Venom

Nail two trends in one with these pants, which feature an animal print in the slimey hue.

Acid Stripe

Track pants with side stripes are nothing new, but track pants with slime side stripes? At the very least they make for great alliteration.

Cut it Out

The ultimate lime green body con dress. The asymmetrical neckline and singular short sleeve render it a masterpiece to look at.

Happy Feet

Vans always knows what's up.

Head 2 Toe

For when subtle touches of color aren't in your repertoire.

Flower Power

Acid green with a daisy motif? This shirt has '70s written all over it.

What's Up, Bra?

Yes, the matching bike shorts are also still available.