Lil Huddy Is A Huge BTS Fan, So The ARMY Has 1 Request For Him

The Chosunilbo JNS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

TikTok sensation Lil Huddy is at the center of some ARMY chatter on Twitter in the wake of their new single "Black Swan"'s release. After the social media star perfected a TikTok video dancing to BTS' "Pied Piper," ARMYs united with one request. Lil Huddy is a self-proclaimed BTS fan, y'all. And ARMYs have a fun idea for him to further solidify his status as a card-carrying ARMY.

While it appears Lil Huddy has been a BTS fan for a long time, even attending the group's "Love Yourself" concert in May 2019, it wasn't until December 2019 that ARMYs really caught wind of his adoration for RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. During an interview with Hollywire, Lil Huddy revealed he was a fan by perfectly reciting the fan chant of all the members' names.

Weeks later, Lil Huddy nailed the "Pied Piper" choreography on TikTok, and Twitter ARMYs couldn't handle how epic it was. Now, ARMYs are flooding Lil Huddy's mentions with requests for him to dance to BTS' latest hit, "Black Swan."

"@xlilhuddy cant believe im asking this but from army to army.. pls make a choreography for 'black swan' by bts for tiktok !" one wrote. Another pleaded: "Hey perfect Boi please do a tiktok on the new BTS release! Thank you so much. We armys will hype u up!"

Before I get into more tweets, watch Lil Huddy do the BTS chant below.

OK, now onto the requests.

A lot of BTS stans are hoping Lil Huddy will continue to use BTS songs on his TikTok so that his more than 10 million followers will become fans of the group.

Check out some of the other times Lil Huddy has expressed his love for BTS.

I'm going to say it was thanks in part to ARMYs for Lil Huddy hitting this milestone on TikTok, too.

Welcome to the ARMY, Lil Huddy.