A Season Of Wild Relationships Is About To Find Balance With Libra Season On The Horizon

by Valerie Mesa

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, so, come to think of it, we're already more than half way through the zodiac wheel, considering there are 12 astrological signs. Now, the questions is, how did we get here so quickly? That's right, you guessed it, Libra season 2018 is here, and we're about to soak it all in. However, I'm sure you're wondering, what exactly is Libra season, and how will it affect me? Well, in astrology, Libra is a symbol of balance and relationships. This is precisely because the sign of the scales is ruled by charming Venus, planet of love, beauty, pleasure, relationships, and values.

Libra is a cardinal sign, just like Cancer and Capricorn, as it marks the beginning of a season. (i.e. Cancer season begins during summer solstice; Libra season starts during the autumnal equinox; Capricorn season begins during winter solstice.) Now, what's interesting about the sign of the scales is, it's also the front door to the second half of the zodiac wheel. What I mean by that is, the first quadrant (Aries, Taurus, and Gemini) represents the development of self. However, the third quadrant (Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius) is where we expand our awareness toward others, outside of ourselves. Make sense?

Libra Is A Child Of Venus

As you probably already know, the zodiac signs go in order, and evolve accordingly. For instance, Virgo is a symbol of the completed individual, and Libra is the first encounter we have with others, and in the eyes of this air sign, the other person is their equal. Aside from this, Libra represents the development of our aesthetic, hence its undying love for beauty and harmony.

Now, something else I want to point out is, Taurus is also ruled by Venus; however, since Taurus is an earth sign, its Venusian qualities are expressed in a physical, and earthy way. Libra, on the other hand, expresses its Venusian qualities in an airy way, which is also the element that rules the mind.

Have you ever noticed how adorably quaint Libras are? Libra women, for instance, tend to wear charming colors, and elegant prints. If you look closely, you'll see that they're always perfectly made up, with a face full of makeup, and matching accessories. For Libra, beauty isn't a mindset, it's a lifestyle, and they work damn hard at it, too.

The Beauty Of Libra Season

In astrology, the sun represents our ego and our soul purpose. Now, when referring to the astrological season, in this case Libra, the sun embodies the energetic theme, as it shines a light on the subject matter of Libra, in general. Funny enough, the sun enters Libra during the autumnal equinox, which is when the time of day and night are almost exactly the same. Get it? Equal and balanced, just like Libra? It's almost too perfect.

When the sun is in Libra, our focus immediately shifts to finding that sense of balance and harmony. Remember what I said about Libra and integrating your sense of self with others? This is exactly why Libra season reminds us to be so tactful. It's almost like when you meet someone for the first time - that is Libra in a nutshell. For the record, I'm not calling Libras fake, I'm just stating the obvious. The energy of this astrological season is gracious, charming, and swimming in harmony.

Libra teaches us to find balance, and be fair with one another. In fact, I wouldn't doubt it if a Libra came up with the term, "sharing is caring." 'Tis the season of love, connection, and similarities. It's no coincidence Libras are so socially empathic, and irresistibly charming. This air sign is incredibly gifted, as it has the innate ability to see all sides of any situation. Now it's our turn.