LG Is Designing An Ice Cream Machine That Will Give You On-Demand Froyo At Home


One of my favorite things about Austin's South by Southwest Festival is that consumers can get a sneak preview of the gadgets that'll be coming to our homes in the not-so-distant future. Case in point: LG’s SnowWhite ice cream maker prototype, which takes a leaf from your Keurig's playbook to serve up sweet swirls of gelato, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and whatever else you might be craving. What a time to be alive, because I'm so here for this tasty wave of the future.

In a press release first shared on March 9, the tech company first showcased the innovation — and the details will definitely make you scream for ice cream. The prototype personal ice cream maker (which LG dubbed Snowwhite) is basically a machine that, just like your trust Keurig, will serve up any variety of ice cream you're craving in the comfort of your own home.

LG explained per the press release, "Using specialized capsules that create delicious flavors and creamy textures, anyone will be able to make frozen delights to satisfy various preferences – from traditional ice creams to sorbets to gelatos, even frozen yogurts."

According to the photos, these "specialized capsules" look pretty similar to the pods of coffee or tea you'd use for your Keurig coffee maker, as does the structure of the device. Here's how it all would work, theoretically.


According to Digital Trends, you'd have two small pods to insert every time you wanted to make yourself a dessert: One to determine the consistence of the treat (i.e. if you preferred a richer gelato versus a lighter frozen yogurt) and one to determine the flavor (i.e. chocolate, strawberry, etc.). Theoretically, you'd put two of the specialty pods into the SnowWhite machine, and voila, you'd receive a single serving of the frozen confection that you've been dreaming about in just two to five minutes. Per the publication, "a physical dial on SnowWhite as well as a touchscreen display would allow you to tweak the settings as you see fit," meaning that you could probably make your ice cream thicker and creamier depending on your preference. One thing you definitely won't have to worry about? Running out of ice cream.

Now, I know you're probably thinking that it's a little dangerous that you could potentially purchase a home machine that would make your dream dessert at the click of a button, but it's important to note that the SnowWhite isn't even on the market yet. Elite Daily reached out to the LG team to inquire if the company has any plans to release the SnowWhite to consumers anytime soon, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Still, considering that LG showcased a HomeBrew system at December's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that could potentially make up to a gallon of five different kinds of beer per serving, the introduction of the SnowWhite seems to hint that the tech company is all about findings way to make and enjoy your favorite bites and sips in the comfort of your own home.

There's no telling when these machines could become a reality, but I can say that the future definitely looks bright from where I'm sitting.