Levi's Just Dropped Its Most Sustainable Jeans Yet — & They're SO Good

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Eco-friendly clothes are becoming more and more mainstream, which is why it’s a relief that you can now get a super environmentally-considerate version of your favorite jeans. Using recycled denim and organic cotton, Levi's just dropped its most sustainable jeans ever. The new line is called WellThread and, so far, only has two cuts, the 502 ($148, Levi's) and High Loose Jeans ($148, Levi's).

“These low-impact garments can be kept and worn for many years and — when it’s time, and where the technology exists — easily recycled,” the Levi’s website reads. “We follow the industry’s strictest guidelines for material assembly: Every material that goes into the fabric is recyclable.” Reusing denim allows Levi's to not only curb landfill waste but also helps the brand cut down on water and chemical usage, as well as reduces its CO2 footprint, according to the brand. And after years of wearing these sustainable jeans, you can recycle them when you’re ready.

The jeans themselves are made from 20% recycled denim, 20% sustainably sourced viscose, and 60% organic cotton. This is all possible because Levi's teamed up with re:newcell, the inventors of Circulose. Circulose is a new pulp that makes it much easier to recover cotton from worn-out pieces of clothes — and has zero fashion- or water-waste.

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The fashion industry has often come under fire for its environmentally unfriendly habits, but denim has an especially negative impact on the environment. One pair of jeans needs 1,800 gallons of water just to grow the cotton for them, according to The 71 Percent — that doesn’t even include the amount of water used for turning the cotton into jeans. As the BBC puts it, that’s about how much water one person will drink in 10 years. However, by not needing to grow an entirely new pair of jeans and sourcing cotton sustainably, Levi's will cut down some of its waste.

Jeans are such a classic article of clothing; they’re comfy, go with everything, and are always stylish. And now, you don’t have to feel bad about getting yourself a new pair. The WellThread jeans are available now on the Levi’s website.

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