Lazy Oaf's Valentine's Day Collection Is Devilishly Lovable & Oh-So-Cozy

Something devilishly cute just dropped today and I guarantee you're going to want to get in on it before February 14 comes around. Lazy Oaf's Valentine's Day collection is all kinds of cozy and cool and brings a whole new aesthetic to clothing designed especially for the day of love. While it does include a set of underwear, the lineup is largely composed of ready to wear and accessories with an adorably quirky twist. I guarantee it'll give you heart eyes, along with all of the feels.

The slogan for the Valentine collection's campaign is "She's no angel," so that should tell you right away that it's a bit sartorially deviant. Lazy Oaf is known for their playful approach to style and these offerings fit right in with their track record. A cute little red devil makes multiple appearances within the collection, holding court on a pair of socks as well as on a few pairs of underwear. A pair of slippers and a romper featuring hearts emblazoned with the word "WEIRDO" round out the especially cheeky products. If you want something a little more straightforward, you only need to look to the cute embroidered tees, heart cardigan, fleece jacket, and other more subtle pieces within the lineup. I guarantee you'll be asking "Be Mine?" to at least one of them. Check out some of the best picks below.

Wear You Hearts On Your Sleeves

Bubblegum pink and cherry red is one of the best color combinations of all time, especially when done in heart-studded knitwear form.

Slipped Up

Wear your weirdness loud and proud with these statement making slippers. Everyone knows that normal is boring.

Eye Heart You

I believe that no one can own enough cool tees, especially when they're embroidered with cute artistic emblems like this.

Sweater Weather

This is hands down the coziest looking dress I have ever seen and thanks to its turtleneck and side slits it's also cool AF. The devil makes an appearance on the back of the garment—what would love be without a little mischief?

Hast's Off

Berets were one of the coolest accessories trends of 2018 so it makes sense that they'd carry over into the new year. This one boasts a rad embroidered face on the top of it. Harry Potter fans, does it remind you of the Voldemort/ Quirrel mashup, too?

Happy Feet

They cute.

Fuzzy Feelings

Fleece is also trending right now but this amazing red jacket brings it to a whole new level of cool. I love its boxy silhouette, collar, and black zipper, and a surprise embroidery on the back adds a playful kick.


There's also another one for cat moms but this one is objectively way better.

For The Frill Of It

Just wait until you see the back of it.

Triple Threat

And what would a Valentine's Day collection be without some cute underwear to round out the selection? These are colorful, ruffly, and cheeky in all the right ways.