Last-Minute 'Beauty & The Beast' Costumes Cause Your Laziness Is A Tale As Old As Time

We're only a couple of days away from Halloween, so if you haven't figured out your costume by now, literally, what are you doing with your life? Just kidding, all I'm wearing is my go-to look of all-black clothing with some witchy accessories and dark lipstick to make me look like the next supreme from American Horror Story: Coven. If you're going out to celebrate and find yourself scrambling to get a costume together, these last-minute Beauty and the Beast costumes are the way to go.

The first thing to do is run to a costume store and see if it has any Beauty and the Beast costumes left. Seeing as most people are celebrating Halloween this weekend, due to Oct. 31 being a Tuesday this year, you might be out of luck on this front. But you never know, so go ahead and check! You may just be the lucky person who snags the last Belle dress from the store. If you're not so lucky, don't worry. There are lots of DIY Beauty and the Beast costumes you can put together. You'll just have to stop at your local craft and fabric stores first. Now, I'm going to walk you through a DIY Belle and Beast costume that will have you slaying Halloween with barely any work. In the iconic words of Beyoncé, our Lord and savior: You ready?

1. Last-Minute Belle and Beast Costume

First thing you'll need is a dress and a suit for you and your partner. I'm going to use my friend's auntie's costume as an example because she killed it, it barely took her any time at all to put together, and she graciously allowed us to use the photo:

Lauren Evanovich

Yes, girl! She just took a gold dress she already had in her closet and pinned some tulle around the shoulders and waist. You can do this easily by picking up some yellow/gold tulle (whatever color you prefer for your Belle gown) from a fabric store and buying a fake red rose to go along with it. You can attach the rose to your costume like she did, or you can just carry it with you and scream whenever anyone tries to touch it because that would be funny. If you don't already own a yellow or gold dress, TOO BAD. Just kidding, you can totally just go buy a simple one from Forever 21 at your local mall, or you can borrow one from a friend.

For your bae's Beast costume, have them wear either a blue or black suit. Then, when you're picking up the fabric for your makeshift ballgown, pick up some yellow satin to pin onto the lapels of the suit jacket and the sides of the sleeves. You can also buy some white chiffon for bae to wear around their neck like Beast's shirt in the movie. When it comes to the Beast mask, if a Halloween store is fresh out of ones from the actual movie, go ahead and just buy an animal mask that looks similar enough to Beast. Or you can forego the mask and just have your S.O. say they're post-transformation Beast, a.k.a. Adam. (Yeah, Beast's real name is Adam.)

2. Last-Minute Belle Costume


For a last-minute Belle costume that's not her iconic yellow ballgown, you can throw together her blue peasant dress really easily. If you can't find a costume like the one above at your local Halloween store, her peasant dress is a super easy DIY project. Just like the yellow gown above, we're going to work with what you already have in your closet.

First thing you'll need is a light blue dress. You can either snag one at Forever 21 or any local store (I'd be genuinely shocked if you couldn't find some kind of blue dress somewhere). Since you or someone you know definitely has a white, collared button-up shirt, throw on one of those under the dress and pair it with your favorite pair of fall booties. They can be combat boots, ankle boots, whatever you like! You could even get away with ballet flats, but I'd steer clear of heels just because heels suck. Last thing you'll need is a white apron to tie around your waist just like Belle. If you don't already have one at home, you can make one really easily by grabbing some white fabric. Attach some ribbon to it so you can tie it around your waist, and you're good to go! Just don't forget a book. Happy Halloween, my Disney darlings! Enjoy the greatest day out of literally all the days!!