Lana Del Rey Is Sending Out Ice Cream Trucks To Deliver Vinyls & Frozen Treats

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since I'm forever a kid at heart, very few things excite me more than the highly anticipated ice cream truck. But what if the person serving you scoops was none other than pop singing sensation, Lana Del Rey? In honor of her new album, Norman F--cking Rockwell, the indie-pop singer is delivering vinyls and sweet treats to lucky fans across the country. So, keep your fingers (and toes) crossed that Lana Del Rey's ice cream trucks end up making their way to your neighborhood.

While Del Rey's Aug. 30 album release is a treat all by itself, the "Summertime Sadness" singer is delivering Norman F--cking Rockwell vinyls, popsicles, and ice cream cones to fans across the country. Yes, you heard that loud and clear, my Lana-lovin' friends — on Aug. 29, the singer, songwriter, and record producer posted a photo to Instagram featuring a lime green ice cream truck. In the front of the truck, you can see a man (who is identified in the caption as Chairman and Chief Executive at Interscope Geffen A&M, Steve Berman). Berman is driving the vehicle with Del Rey in the backseat, happily leaning out the back window.

The caption of the Instagram photo reads:

Dream team 🌷I’m the luckiest. Anywaysssssss going to have a couple ice cream trucks going up and down the coast this weekend. U can get some popsicles and vinyl if u see this little limeSteve Berman is driving.

So cute, right?

Based on the caption, it seems as though Del Rey won't necessarily be driving these commercial vehicles, per se, but if you see a lime green ice cream truck cruisin' through your neighborhood, chances are it's one of hers. Unfortunately, according to Distractify, the ice cream truck routes have not been specified, but the site recommends following her on Instagram, @lanadelrey, for any additional details. Who knows? Maybe she'll post a location tag at some point.

And while ice cream isn't a particularly controversial topic, it seems as though singer-songwriter Courtney Love has taken umbrage with Lana's ice cream truck promotion. Or really, more whom she's working with.

According to Paper magazine, the "Miss World" singer publicly commented on Del Rey's photo, saying:

She's letting money folk at Interscope be in her art; it's disgusting she doesn't know. Ugh.

However, it seems as though Del Rey didn't take offense to Love's IG comment. During an Aug. 29 interview on KROQ's The Kevin and Bean Show, the host asked Del Rey about her relationship with Love and her comments, and Del Rey responded, "That's my girl — we're homies."

If the possibility of free ice cream and music isn't enough to get Del Rey in your good books right now, don't forget that she's also responsible for some last-minute song of the summer goodness for 2019. In the last few days of real summer, she covered Sublime's "Doin' Time" and released a video for the cover on YouTube, also on Aug. 29. She's had a busy few days, is what I'm saying, and it's all to the benefit of her fans.

OK, so in case you somehow didn't get the memo: if you see a lime green ice cream truck cruisin' through your neighborhood these next few weeks, chase after it as fast as you can. For real — that ice cream truck is serving up far more beyond frozen desserts. And to be honest, I really cannot imagine missing out on Lana Del Rey's latest creation and popsicles. That would truly melt my soul, if you catch my drift.