Lana Del Rey's Cover Of This Iconic Sublime Song Is The Perfect End-Of-Summer Jam


Lana Del Rey is here for all of your end of summer needs. Need a new album? She's got you covered! Need a cover of Sublime's "Doin' Time"? She's got you covered! And she's larger than life in Los Angeles in the music video. Lana Del Rey's cover of Sublime's "Doin' Time" is the sultry, smooth bop we need to close out this summer. And it's also necessary to note that the first line of the first song on her new album, Norman F*cking Rockwell, is "Goddamn man child." We stan.

Del Rey's cover of the Sublime classic came with a music video that paid homage to another pop culture classic. In the music video, Del Rey walks around L.A. in giant form like in the film Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. She picks up a palm tree to fan herself with, which gleefully soothes my extra self, then halfway through the video, it's revealed that the 50-foot Del Rey is actually on a film screen at a drive-in movie theater.

A blonde wig-clad Del Rey is on a date with a guy at this '50s-esque drive-in. The guy goes to get Del Rey a refill on her drink then disappears. When Del Rey goes looking for him, she and a friend find him making out in a car with another woman. Giant Del Rey doesn't take this kindly. She steps out of the film screen, picks up the car, shakes it around, and drops it back onto the concrete, then she and blonde Del Rey look at each other like, "My b*tch."

The video is everything.

The song's lyrics kind of have nothing to do with what goes down in the video, though. Oh well! Still living for it!

In case you don't know the "Doin' Time" lyrics, here they are.

The song opens up with the chorus.

Summertime, and the livin's easy / Bradley's on the microphone with Ras MG / All the people in the dance will agree / That we're well-qualified to represent the L.B.C. / Me, me and Louie, we gonna run to the party / And dance to the rhythm, it gets harder

Then comes the first verse about a woman the singer is dating. Del Rey kept the gender the same instead of changing it to something like "me and my boy," which I love. She sings,

Me and my girl, we got this relationship / I love her so bad, but she treats me like sh*t / On lockdown, like a penitentiary / She spreads her lovin' all over / And when she gets home, there's none left for me

The chorus comes back in, then comes the second verse.

Oh, take this veil from off my eyes / My burning sun will, some day, rise / So, what am I gonna be doin' for a while? / Said, I'm gonna play with myself / Show them, now, we've come off the shelf

The chorus repeats, then comes the bridge. At this point in Del Rey's music video, Giant Del Rey is climbing through the film screen at the drive-in.

Evil, we've come to tell you that she's evil, most definitely / Evil, ornery, scandalous and evil, most definitely / The tension, it's getting hotter / I'd like to hold her head underwater (Summertime) (Ah, ah, ah)

The song closes out with the chorus one last time, and then Del Rey's sultry cover is all done.

Del Rey's Norman F*cking Rockwell is now available to stream on repeat. Get in the last of the summer vibes while you can, fam.