Lady Gaga's Makeup Artist Revealed The Important Meaning Behind Her "Stupid Love" Makeup

Photo courtesy of Mason Poole

Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters have been clamoring for a studio release ever since the drop of Joanne in 2016, and their wishes have finally been granted. Gaga’s latest single and music video, “Stupid Love,” dropped Friday, Feb. 28, and, in classic Gaga fashion, brought amazing looks, makeup included. In fact, Gaga’s “Stupid Love” makeup has an important meaning, according to Global Artistry Director for HAUS Laboratories and Gaga’s makeup artist Sarah Tanno. Even better, some of the products Tanno used for the video are available via Gaga’s beauty brand HAUS Laboratories’ website.

“An important question I always ask Gaga is, how do you want to feel,” Tanno said in a press release shared with Elite Daily. “She wanted to feel strong. She wanted to exude a ‘Kindness Punk,’ someone who fights for kindness and leads with love.” That role is definitely clear in the music video, as Gaga’s choreography brings together the fighting aliens into a synchronized dance. But Gaga is always more than just her dancing, and Tanno brought the artist’s story to life with face armor. “I worked with Face Lace so that it would be able to move and bend with her as she sings and dances.”

Fans have speculated that the name of LG6 will be “Chromatica” after finding the word in the promo collages, as well as at the end of “Stupid Love.” The colors in the music video have also led to the fan theory that each song will represent a different color. Gaga’s bright pink outfits and makeup definitely lend themselves to the idea that “Stupid Love” could be the pink song.

On the artist’s lips, Tanno used the neon Le Monster Matte Lip Crayon in Hot Rod and topped the look with HAUS Laboratories’ eyeliner. “I also wanted to create a dynamic bright wing with a sharpened and defined eyeliner in my all-time favorite Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner in Punk,” Tanno added. The dramatic wings blend into Gaga’s vibrant eyeshadow, and with her rosy highlighter and lipstick, Gaga worked that pink. Check out the two “Stupid Love”-approved products below.

The Le Monster Matte Lip Crayon ($18, HAUS Laboratories) is available in 12 shades. “It is full-coverage color; one swipe goes on super smooth and then dries down to a budge-proof matte finish,” Tanno described.

HAUS Laboratories' Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner ($20, HAUS Laboratories) in Punk was the cherry on top of Gaga's colorfully edgy look. “It's a flexible felt tip that I used to draw and create all the artistry looks for Gaga and her dancers,” the makeup artist explained.

As fans gear up for the drop of LG6, you can practice your fiercest, Kindness Punk looks now.