Kylie's Clapback To A Troll Who Shaded Her For Dressing Up On IG Was On Point

Toni Anne Barson/WireImage/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner has had a lot of time on her hands the past few weeks. Just like millions of people around the world, Jenner has strictly been staying at home to do her part in flattening the curve of the coronavirus. Unlike many others, though, Jenner's self-quarantine activities include showing off some of her most expensive outfits while lounging around her house. Jenner's at-home fashion shows led some social media users to slam her, and it's clear she isn't here for the hate. Kylie Jenner's response to a hater shading her for dressing up is simple and straight to the point.

Jenner is no stranger to living her life in the public eye, and knows she has 174 million followers on Instagram who crave her content. So, just like she did before self-quarantine, Jenner has been documenting her days with daughter Stormi and posting pictures and videos of everything and anything happening around her house.

One major change for Jenner is that, as of now, she has nowhere to get all dressed up to go. Instead of letting her favorite outfits collect dust in her closet, Jenner has been getting all dolled up for the camera. Whether she's posed wearing head-to-toe Chanel active wear while she poses on her tennis court, or rocking high heels with a full Marine Serre outfit just to sit on her couch, Jenner has not let time or fashion slip away from her.

But, just like a lot of celebrities, Jenner has received a lot backlash for serving looks on Instagram — and she just made it clear that she isn't ashamed.

"Does @KylieJenner just play dress up around her house?" one Twitter follower asked, which caught Jenner's attention.

"Yes," Jenner simply replied.

So there you have it. Jenner will continue to play dress up on social media for the foreseeable future, so there! Expect to see nothing less than elaborate outfits and posed pics if you follow her.

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