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Kylie Shared Her License Photo & I'm Literally Mad Over How Cute It Is

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Few things are less glamorous than a driver's license photo. The lighting is always shoddy, the quality is grainy, and there's never ample time to prepare. Basically, it's the opposite of how you'd want a photoshoot to go. Yet, somehow, the KarJenner sisters make theirs look like something out of a magazine. Kylie Jenner recently had to get a new license and that meant she had to take a new photo. She let fans in on how the experience went, and I'm honestly not surprised she decided to flaunt the end result. Kylie Jenner's driver's license photo is ridiculously amazing, y'all.

Jenner shared the photo to Instagram on May 13, and she instantly left the internet shook. Jenner didn't smile in her pic (as is customary for a livense photo), but she still served up some serious smize (like, Tyra Banks style). She might as well have been posing for the cover of Vogue with the heat she brought.

"Who else is this snatched on their drivers licence tho lol?!" one fan asked in the comments. Over on Twitter, the freakout over Jenner's glam ID photo continued. "I aspire to have Kylie Jenner posting her drivers license photo on Instagram level of self confidence," one fan tweeted.

Another fan tweeted, "Kylie jenner’s license photo, screams “LIFE IS UNFAIR!” for some reasons....."

You can check out the fierce pic for yourself below.

Kylie isn't the only KarJenner sister who has an unbelievably glam license photo. Apparently, it runs in the family. In 2017, Khloé Kardashian decided to take a new driver's license photo, and it was so, so extra.

Koko went as far as to hire a professional glam squad for her new license pic, and even bought a ring light to ensure the photo was top-notch. Only the Kardashians could turn the DMV into their own private studio, but I honestly wouldn't expect anything less.

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I'm still salty over my cringe-worthy ID photo, but the KarJenners give me hope. Whether she's posing for a quick license pic, or the cover of a glossy mag, Kylie is serving up goals all around.