Kylie Jenner's Comments About Why She Loves Makeup Are Actually So Relatable

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While it can be pretty hard to truly relate to the Kardashian-Jenner clan at times, Kylie Jenner's comments about makeup in her Vogue video remind me that even celebrities fangirl over a great liner and lip combo, and just about having fun with makeup in general. In her two-minute interview about all things beauty with Vogue, Jenner dished on the ways makeup makes her feel, how she can’t commit to one look, and how challenging application can be.

The video starts off with Jenner chatting on the phone, explaining to someone about how she has to redo her whole look and how it’s going to take her a minute (but probably more like 30, since we’re talking about Kylie Jenner here). She then tells the camera, as she’s fixing her hair, that she’s “just trying to make it perfect.”

Jenner’s feelings she then reveals about makeup and beauty are honestly pretty damn relatable. In the video, when she said things like, “playing with makeup makes me feel more confident,” I couldn’t agree more. Jenner describes makeup as being transformative, saying, “I feel like I can transform into whatever mood I’m feeling.”

Jenner continued in the video that she feels makeup is "an art form" to her. "It is very, very fun, but it’s also challenging,” she said. And she isn’t wrong about either of those things. I mean, just look at all the talented, professional makeup artists out there on social media and professionally, creating incredible works of art every day.

Jenner also admitted her look is constantly transforming almost every week, and she says in the video that she’s always changing her mind. “I feel like my personality and how I am creatively is I’m always changing my mind, and one week I’ll be into blue hair, for example, and then the next week I’m blonde,” Jenner explained.

Jenner's so into changing up her looks that she says she basically matches her makeup look to whichever outfit she’ll be wearing that day (which apparently is pink most of the time). “The outfit comes first, and then the makeup,” said Jenner. “So, I’m always wearing pink eyeshadow with a pink look, a pink lip with a pink look. It’s like the cherry on top to my look. It just makes you feel good, it makes you feel confident. It’s fun.”

Jenner was just named the youngest self-made billionaire ever by Forbes on March 5, and she admitted in the video that she didn’t create makeup, but she's a huge fan of "making her own" (clearly, considering the empire that is Kylie Cosmetics). Overall, while Jenner’s makeup thoughts aren't necessarily new (many a celebrity have praised the transformative power makeup offers them), her short video about her feelings on makeup is truly universal.

Also, I think it goes without say that the way Jenner has transformed the makeup industry is pretty unique. Jenner has made maximalist makeup part of so many people's everyday wear, and applying layers of foundation, concealer, lip liner, lip color, and much more is just part of her brand. Going bold and having fun with your makeup is so wildly embraced as of late, and I think we can partially thank Kylie Jenner for that.