Kylie Jenner Just Wore The COOLEST Jumpsuit To The Grammys — You Have To See The Sleeves

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While tonight's red carpet has certainly seen its fair share of gorgeous, ground-grazing gowns that straddle the line between fine art and clothing, Kylie Jenner's 2019 Grammys jumpsuit is a straight up masterpiece. The beauty mogul showed up to the event at the last minute alongside boyfriend Travis Scott, and despite being some of the last attendees to arrive, the couple made one of the biggest statements.

Jenner is no stranger to trying out daring new looks, but her sartorial experimentation is always grounded in classic elegance. She's rocked more naked dresses than I can count but they're always stunningly embellished with beads and crystals; she loves looks that are lavish yet almost always dresses in monochrome; and when she rocks a mini dress, it will often boast shoulder pads or a turtleneck. Nothing she wears is ever too over-the-top or remembered for being boundary-breaking, but she constantly appears on best-dressed lists nonetheless. In short, I would have totally expected Jenner to go for another glittery long sleeved gown for tonight's event (I honestly had no idea she was attending so to see her at all on the red carpet was a treat), which made her choice of a powder pink jumpsuit with sleeves that remind me of the Sydney Opera house exceedingly exciting.

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My first thought upon seeing Jenner's jumpsuit, which features sleeves with attached gloves, was, "OK, Travis Scott is definitely not proposing to her tonight." There would be no way for Jenner to remove said gloves and have a ring slid onto her finger, so our dreams of that happening this evening can die now. (Sob, look how beautiful they are!) Scott is up for three awards tonight, for Best Rap Album, Best Rap Song, and Best Rap Performance, which is probably more than enough excitement for one event.

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My next thought was, "Holy cow, this jumpsuit is a structural masterpiece, and a bit of an optical illusion!" The sleeves almost look to be detached from the rest of the jumpsuit because of the way they cross over one another at the neck, almost as if they were extra, extra long pink rubber gloves that had been fashioned in halter top style. The angular shape of each sleeve makes them look like a set of futuristic butterfly wings and gives the jumpsuit an extra strong and dramatic silhouette.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Peeping out from underneath the volume, you can see a plunging V neckline, which comes to a stop at a crisp white belt with a silver foiled outline. The belt breaks up the look perfectly and adds a bit of shine that makes it feel fancy and red carpet appropriate. From there, the jumpsuit continues on into pleated trousers, and concludes at a pair of pointy-toed pumps. The outfit almost looks like it was designed by an architect with a really good eye for fashion (its silhouette really is that perfect) and will definitely earn Jenner some points in terms of getting increasingly more fearless with her style.

On the hair and makeup side of things, Jenner went minimal with a messy updo and dusty rose color palette. Leave it to the beauty maven to nail effortless cool.