Kristin Cavallari Got So Flirty With Stephen Colletti On IG & It Feels Like 2004 Again

Emma McIntyre /AMA2020/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Warning: the 2004 MTV stan in you is about to go wild. This Kristin Cavallari Instagram calling Stephen Colletti the best kisser is a Laguna Beach fan's dream come true. The reality star was caught spilling major tea on Thanksgiving evening on her IG stories after prompting fans to send in their burning questions for a quick wine-fueled Q&A session. Accompanied by her good friend Justin Anderson, she revealed some surprising tidbits to fans of her various television shows over the years. Get ready to teleport back to the days of teen drama and high school flings, because she took us back.

The Very Cavallari alum famously separated from her husband of seven years, NFL star Jay Cutler, back in April, so she clearly doesn't mind spilling a little romance tea on the 'gram anymore. Although Cavallari made some other comments that stirred up controversy (she neglected to address her beef with frenemies Lauren Conrad and Kelly Henderson), the main takeaway for longtime Laguna Beach fans had to do with her thoughts on kissing former flame and co-star Stephen Colletti.

She didn't have much to say, but that's because the prompt said it all for her: "Best Kisser?" a fan dropped in her inbox. Cavallari tagged Colletti, whom she dated during the first two seasons of Laguna Beach. The kissing happened over a decade ago, so for it to be the best, it must have been memorable. She also opted to marry Colletti in a game of "f*ck, marry, kill," saying she'd f*ck Brody Jenner and kill Justin Bobby out of the other options.

With all the flirty talk about Colletti, Cavallari's IG story lit a match for shippers to turn into a bonfire of speculation about whether there could still be a future for the two exes.

Kristin Cavallari on Instagram

Cavallari denied rumors that the duo were getting back together after she posted an Instagram photo with Colletti on Aug. 4, all snuggled up with the caption, "2004 or 2020?!" It was enough to reengage fans of the beloved reality series, and her Thanksgiving Q&A was likely teasing about that same speculation. She's been spotted on dates with comedian Jeff Dye, leading many to believe that Dye is her new beau. She was quoted as saying, however, that she's not trying to jump right into a relationship post-divorce. To know that Colletti was her No. 1 kiss, though, is still something to sit with and ponder. Happy shipping!