Kristian Haggerty's sister Caitlin's comment on Demi Burnett's Instagram might mean a breakup

Kristian Haggerty's Sister Made A Shady Comment On Demi Burnett's Pic

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I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret: Not all couples that get together on The Bachelor or its many spinoffs always stay together. (I know, shocking, right? Who would have thought?) Bachelor in Paradise's Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty seemed like the real deal, but now Kristian Haggerty's sister Caitlin's comment on Demi Burnett's Instagram has people wondering whether or not all's well in paradise. Does Caitlin's strange comment suggest that Demi and Kristian have split? Elite Daily reached out to Demi and Kristian — as well as a rep for Caitlin — about the comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

On Oct. 29, Demi posted a self-proclaimed "thirst trap" photo of herself in a teeny bikini on the beach, looking back coyly over her shoulder at the camera. "Sorry, dad......" she captioned the pic. In a comment that has since been deleted (but was luckily captured by Bachelor fan account @its_thesnatchelor), Caitlin responded to the hot 'gram with, "Not desperate at all..." Of course, fans immediately started questioning what the cryptic comment meant. It is also worth noting that Demi hasn't posted about her fiancée since Sept. 19, two days after the Bachelor in Paradise season finale aired.

To be fair, not everyone posts pics with their SO on the reg. When Demi chatted with Us Weekly at DICK’S Sporting Goods first-ever fashion show on Oct. 9, she assured them that she and Kristian were still very much together and in love, even if they weren't living together or constantly sharing photos of each other. "Every relationship is different," she told Us Weekly, "and it’s ... nobody’s business how our relationship works. We both have so much going on right now. She’s in Florida, I’m in New York, but we do spend time together. Just because we don’t broadcast it doesn’t mean that we’re not together."

She later added that she and Kristian probably won't be taking a walk down the aisle together anytime soon. "If you just jump into it and just rush everything, for me personally, that’s not how I could have a successful relationship," she said. "I have to definitely take it at a steady pace. We’re definitely just dating right now."

Kristian also hasn't posted any Instas featuring Demi since Sept. 19, when she shared some pics from the reunion special, which she captioned, "I can't get over how STUNNING my future wifey is." Demi's last pic of her and Kristian — which she posted on the same day — was a sweet snapshot of the two embracing with the caption, "Love whoever the hell you want." Since then, both ladies have mostly shared solo shots with no mention of their relationship or each other.

But back to this Caitlin comment. On her own Instagram, Kristian's older sis doesn't post often, but she does frequently share pics of her and Kristian together, and it seems the two are close. Caitlin even has an Instagram Story Highlight dedicated to her "baby sis," and one of the Stories features a pic of Demi and Kristian together from five weeks ago, suggesting that Caitlin supports the relationship. The photo is a teaser from GMA's Sept. 24 One-on-One With Demi and Kristian, and Caitlin captioned the pic, "These blue eyes" and "#LoveIsLove." Of course, as the Bachelor often proves, anything can happen in five weeks.

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Demi and Kristian still follow each other on Instagram and haven't deleted any photos of each other from their pages, so I'd like to believe that Demi's Oct. 9 comments hold true. But Caitlin no longer follows Demi, even though Demi follows her. Caitlin's comment could mean anything, but I just hope that her possible beef with Demi is unrelated to Demi and Kristian's relationship status.