Kim K, Khloé, & Scott Disick's Birthday Messages To Kourtney Are Seriously So Heartfelt

by Jamie LeeLo
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Good Lordy, Kourtney Kardashian is turning 40. At least that's how her sister Kim put it. The oldest Kardashian sibling hits the big milestone on April 18, 2019, and her two sisters, ex-boyfriend, and son Mason shared their birthday wishes in a video with E! Kim, Khloé Kardashian, and Scott Disick's birthday video for Kourtney is heartfelt with just a touch of shade on the side, which is pretty standard with this family.

Around the time I hit 27 years old I started thinking about age differently. I, like many millennials, had an "idea" of what I thought certain benchmarks in my life would look like. At 22 I'd have my first city job (check), by 25 I'd be living on my own (not check), by 30 I'd probably be married and on my way to my first kid (half check. Do you guys know how babies work? Who has the time?!) I haven't hit the big 3.0. yet, but I guess it is kind of wild to think that Kourtney Kardashian, someone who has the skin of a prepubescent baby angel and fashion icon to literal teenagers, is a full decade older than me.

Keeping Up With The Kardashian fans know that Kourtney's birthdays are traditionally a time the mom of three lets her hair down and sometimes throws up in it from too much tequila. Khloé is sure to bring this point up in her own personal birthday wish. However, it's sister Kim who kicks things off. "Good Lordy, you're turning 40, Kourtney. Kour-dy," Kim laughed. "I can't even believe this is how old you are."

"When I think of you and your birthday, I think of dancing drunken nights in Mexico. So, I can only imagine how big we're gonna do it up for your 40th birthday," Kim said, adding, "I'm always so proud that you came before me, so I've always copied you and watched everything that you'd done and followed in your footsteps."

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Khloé threw just a touch of shade Kourt's way saying she thinks Kourtney is one of the funniest people she knows when she's "actually paying attention." Along with calling Kourtney the Jane to her Suzanne, the Reese's to her pieces, and the peanut butter to her jelly, Koko added, "I hope you drink tequila until you vomit all over yourself and sleep in it because you actually have done that a couple of times."

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Last, but not least, Scott Disick sat down with his and Kourt's son Mason (and daughter Penelope who could be heard in the background) to give Kourtney some 40th-birthday love. Disick wished his ex another "happy 40 to come" and told her how much he and his children appreciate and love her for all that she does for them. At the end, Disick stated, "Everything is awesome about you," and Mason emphatically agreed, shouting, "Facts!"

Along with Kourtney's family, I'm sure her millions and millions of fans will be eager to add their voices to the "Happy Birthday" chorus.

Catch the birthday wishes here, and fingers crossed we all get to be a part of the celebrations through the show!