Kim Kardashian Is Firing Back At This Headline For Calling Kris Jenner "Chubby"

by Laura Rizzo
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian has made it clear that you can pretty much say whatever you think about her, but never, I mean NEVER, come after one of her family members. She can actually be the scariest Kardashian when she wants to, but I always find it totally justified. Kim sprung into action most recently when a headline referred to Kris Jenner as "chubby." Kim Kardashian's tweet defending Kris Jenner is so, so epic.

Kim K is always there to come to the defense of her family members. The starlet is loyal to her core, and has proven that over and over on numerous occasions. That's why it was no surprise for Kardashian to clap back at this headline about her momager. Also, I feel like Kardashian doesn't get enough recognition for being a Twitter icon. Give her a follow (if for some reason you don't actually follow her) and see what she has to say.

On Jan. 9, Kim retweeted an article from Daily Mail that featured black-and-white modeling photos of Kris with the headline, "Chubby-faced 22-year-old Kris Jenner models in never-before-seen shots." Kardashian obviously found this headline totally unacceptable and fired back by saying,

Chubby really? That’s the headline? How about beautiful, youthful, stunning?!?!

Fans rallied to support Kardashian and Jenner through kind messages, encouraging words, and GIFs... so many GIFs. I understand. There is truly a GIF for every occasion — Kim K's clapback included.

People on Twitter definitely understood where Kardashian was coming from. One user commented,

I'd be so upset if someone described my momma like that in a headline! Go Kim!

Also, how badly is Kris giving Kendall Jenner vibes in this photo? Their eyes are identical. Other fans saw a strong resemblance to Kourtney Kardashian in the old photos, which I can also pick up.

No one messes with Mama Kris. Kim K serves justice all the time over social media. This is especially true when it comes to her kids — Keeks doesn't mess around when it comes to North and Saint. It was revealed that 2-year-old Saint came down with a case of pneumonia around the holidays and was actually hospitalized from Dec. 27 to Dec. 30. Kardashian shared the news on Instagram on Jan. 2 with a caption that made me ugly cry. She wrote,

My precious baby boy is so strong! After spending three nights in the hospital & seeing my baby get multiple IV’s and hooked up to oxygen machines, our end of year was challenging. Pneumonia is so scary. I just want to thank every nurse & doctor out there who works so hard around the clock. We are so grateful for you all! He’s home and all better. He’s so resilient I’m sure he will still say the ambulance ride was cool! My strong Saint

After the Instagram post, fans looked at pictures of Kardashian partying on New Year's Eve and immediately jumped to the conclusion that she was ringing in the new year while Saint was still in the hospital.

This was not true, and you best believe Kardashian set the record straight. She said in a tweet on Jan. 3,

I haven't heard this BUT lets get this straight. I did not leave my son for one minute during his hospital stay. We were there Wednesday night to Saturday. NYE WAS SUNDAY NIGHT. People came over when he was already asleep for the night! Don't even try me when it comes to my kids

Damn straight. Like I said, do not come for Kim Kardashian's family or she will come for you.

The Kardashians are such a close-knit family, it's no surprise how loyal they remain to each other. Keep doing you, Kim.

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