Kim Kardashian attends an event for Oxygen.

Kim K Revealed Her Starbucks Order & It Has A Surprising Requirement

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There are certain aspects of Kim Kardashian's lifestyle that might be unattainable for most. But if you're trying to take a page out of her book, she did recently reveal her go-to coffee order. That being said, if you're going to buy Kim Kardashian's Starbucks order, I hope you have a sweet tooth.

Kardashian spilled the tea during a Q&A on Twitter, where she dished all sorts of new info about her diet. Fans were quick to find out about all of her biggest cravings (Cheetos anyone?), as well as what she eats on a daily basis.

After explaining to her followers that she eats mostly plant-based foods and makes a point to include "no meat" at all in her diet these days, she answered a fan question about her favorite coffee order. Just like the rest of us, Kimmie has a favorite menu item at Starbucks, but she has one very specific requirement.

"Small size soy chai latte or smallest size white chocolate mocha with whipped cream," she tweeted, before explaining, "they have to be the smallest size or they don’t taste the same to me."

So there ya have it folks, Kim K's Starbuck's order is not all that complicated, it simply has to be miniature sized.

Fans got a total kick out of Kardashian's surprising coffee requirement.

"Wow, so specific! I usually get a carmael macchiato or white chocolate mocha," one fan tweeted. Others were right on board with her decision. "Me too - definitely the smallest size if not it really does taste different!!!" one fan wrote.

Others trolled Kardashian for not using proper Starbucks terminology, (a small is called a tall), but c'mon y'all, Kim probs isn't ordering her own coffee on the regs.

Meanwhile, Kardashian got into the nitty gritty of her plant-based diet and shared some specifics on what she eats each day.

"Oatmeal and vegan sausage for breakfast, vegan tacos are my fave for lunch! Salads are good too!" she told one fan.

As specific as Kim K's Starbucks order is, it's no more bizarre than her sister, Khloé Kardashian's order, which includes a "venti, seven pump, no water chai latte." These gals definitely know what they want out of a cup of joe.