Kim Kardashian Responded To Amy Schumer Pretending To Be A Yeezy Model

Amy Schumer Pretended To Be A Yeezy Model On IG & Kim Had The Best Response

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Once upon a time, Amy Schumer pranked Kim Kardashian and Kanye West by diving in front of them on the TIME 100 Gala red carpet in April 2015. At the time, it seemed like Kimye had no idea who the hell Schumer was. But, a lot can change in five years. Schumer is now a Yeezy model, sort of... Amy Schumer pretended to be a Yeezy model and Kim Kardashian's response was all love.

On March 11, Schumer took to her Instagram stories to post her audition to be a Yeezy model. Kidding! But she did take a snap where she posed in a white long-sleeve t-shirt and a pair of nude-colored shapewear shorts, similar to that of Kardashian's SKIMS. In case Schumer's intentions weren't totally clear, she wrote "YEEZY" across her blouse and captioned the photo, "@kimkardashian @skims I’m here and I will walk the runway."

Kardashian got a kick out of the whole thing, re-posting the hilarious photo on her own Instagram story, with the caption, "'LOL, I love her!!!"

The Kardashians have been the butt of a few of Schumer's jokes over the years, but it seems those jokes come from a place of mutual respect.

Amy Schumer/Instagram
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

In December 2019, Schumer dedicated an Instagram post to the entire Kardashian family, calling them "good" and "kind" girls with a sense of humor.

"I watched the season finale of @kuwtk and it was a true delight," she started. "I have made a million jokes over the years. But I love that family. They are good, kind girls and I appreciate how open they are. They are such great sports and have always been very kind to me and my family and are the first one to laugh at jokes about themselves. Especially @kimkardashian that’s how I really feel."

Kardashian responded, writing, "You are so sweet and this post is so kind! thank you!!!"

Now, if only Kardashian made Schumer an actual SKIMS model. I'd love to see it.