Kim K Just Revealed How She Felt About All Those Met Gala Couch Memes

by Daffany Chan
Lars Niki/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

The Met Gala is always a night to remember in fashion, and Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly one of the most memorable stars who has graced the Met Gala throughout the years with her collection of iconic outfits. Even though Kardashian is now a seasoned veteran of the event, turns out, she hasn't always exactly felt like the belle of the ball, and Kim Kardashian's quote about her Met Gala "couch dress" reveals how difficult that night was for her.

In a Nov. 22 Vogue "Life In Looks" video, Kardashian recounted how her now infamous 2013 Met Gala look left her feeling insecure. Kardashian candidly opened up the experience, explaining how she was initially invited only as her husband's guest and was also pregnant with North at the time. “Kanye was performing so I wasn’t actually invited; I was just Kanye’s plus one. And that was OK with me because I never really dreamed I would be at the Met Ball,” she said. “I know no one really probably wanted me there at the time.” Though Kardashian was apprehensive about attending the event, she did end up showing up on the red carpet as West's plus one, wearing a Givency by Riccardo Tisci dress. The dress had a bold look that stood out on the red carpet, and Kardashian explained the floral print was supposed to signify the flowers that one gifts to a woman after she gets pregnant.

Though Kardashian thought the floral print dress had a beautiful meaning, the design didn't end up impressing fans. Soon after she and West arrived on the carpet, the internet flooded wth memes and jokes about Kardashian's dress, which fans took so far as to compare to a couch. “I think Robin Williams even tweeted it, said I looked like Mrs. Doubtfire,” Kardashian said. “I was crying the whole way home because I just couldn’t believe it.”

Though the night ended rough for Kardashian, she's had plenty of time to reflect and look back on the experience. She shared that she now loves the look, noting that at least the Olsen twins appreciated the outfit in 2013. Kardashian confidently added that none of the critics matter in retrospect, triumphing an admirable attitude of empowerment for fans.

There was more Met Gala drama this year when Kardashian once again faced insecurities about her outfit. Kardashian's 2019 Met Gala look was a stunning skintight dress that hugged her body, but her husband expressed the night before that he wasn't a fan. In an Oct. 13 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, West told Kardashian the night before the Met Gala: "You are my wife and it affects me when pictures are too sexy." The dress, which initially had nipples attached to it, was a source of contention between the couple. In the end, Kardashian compromised by removing the nipples. "I respect where he's gone on his journey in the last year and I obviously want to be appropriate for my children," Kardashian shared.

Though Kardashian always appears put together on the red carpet, her openness about what goes on behind the scenes reveals that she, just like everyone else, faces insecurities and doubts about how she's perceived in public.