Kim Kardardashian's Closeup Photo Of Psalm West Will Melt Your Heart

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Alright reality TV royal family fans, prepare for heart-melting levels of adorable, because Kim Kardashian has finally gone ahead and posted a clear picture of the newest addition to her family. Kim Kardashian's closeup photo of Psalm West will make you say "awwwww," out loud because it is that adorable.

This is not the first photo of Psalm West that Kardashian has blessed her fans with. That actually came on May 17, about a week after he was born via surrogate, when Kim announced his name to the world. Of course, the name Psalm West resulted in a mixed bag of reactions from fans, with some loving it, others finding it a borderline sacrilegious, and and a few hating it simply because they didn't know how to pronounce it (it's "s-awm," not "p-sal-m," y'all!). Kardashian has since deleted the first photo on Instagram, but it lives on in our hears.

We have the new one to feast our eyes on anyway. The new one is a closeup of Psalm and he's sleeping serenely in an adorable white onesie. His eyes are so big, his big, little noggin is so cute, and he looks like a little angel. End of story.

Here's the first photo Kardashian posted after Psalm was born:

And now check out Psalm's closeup:

Kardashian captioned Psalm's closeup, "Psalm Ye," which seems to be a play on how his name of sounds like "Kanye" when you add "Ye" to the end of Psalm. Get it? Like father, like son. Others are convinced that Psalm's middle name is actually Ye, despite the lack of one on his birth certificate.

Kardashian teased on Twitter that Psalm was the spitting image of his older sister Chi on May 10, writing, "He’s also Chicago’s twin lol I’m sure he will change a lot but now he looks just like her ✨." Now we have photo confirmation, because Psalm indeed looks like a mini Chi (who is mini herself).

Check out Chi hanging out with cousins True and Stormi and tell me she's not Psalm's doppelgänger! Actually, Psalm, True, Chi, and Stormi are all each other's doppelgängers if I'm completely honest.

Sorry, Psalm. You missed out on this Kardashian Kids photo shoot, but I'm sure you'll be invited the next one now that you're, like, born and all.

Kardashian and Kanye West are definitely in their baby-moon phase based on the lovey-dovey birthday message she shared on Instagram on June 8. (Who am I kidding? Kardashian never needs a reason to hype up her mans.)

"Happy Birthday. To my amazing husband, who never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for who you are, and all that you do. I love you!" she captioned the screenshot of a FaceTime session with Kanye (who is smiling like a kid in a candy store at Kim sending him a virtual kiss).

These two couldn't look happier and I can't help but think the little addition to their family is part of the reason.

Every day, it becomes more clear to me that the world needs a Keeping Up With the Kardashians Kids spinoff. Like, based on that closeup, Psalm West is already a star.