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Khloé K Shared The Cutest Videos Of True Playing & I Just Want To Join In


There's cute content, and then there's True Thompson. Khloé Kardashian's baby girl has become one of the internet's most beloved mini-celebs, and it truly seems like she's getting cuter with each passing day. While Kardashian's Instagram page has traditionally been filled with striking selfies and gym snapshots, it's definitely all about baby True these days. Her latest post was one of the cutest yet. Khloé Kardashian's video of True playing on a swing was so dang sweet.

Kardashian was sure to let fans in on her day of fun with baby True. The duo gallivanted around outside and Koko played videographer. First up, True decided to take a trip to her trampoline and she looked so happy as she bounced the day away. She even took a few friends with her, holding a Troll doll in each of her hands.

Next up, Kardashian shared a sweet boomerang of her daughter playing on a swing set. Little True was looking so adorbs as she swung back and forth. Apparently, True really loves her Troll dolls, because she didn't let them leave her side for the entire day. Later on, mama Kardashian also shared a snap of True tucking them into bed with a blanket and it was the cutest. thing. ever.

You can see all of the photos and videos from True's mother-daughter day with Kardashian in the slideshow below.

True got plenty of quality time in with her mom on Feb. 25, but a few days earlier, she was seen grabbing quality time with her dad Tristan Thompson.

In a video shared to Instagram stories, True had the ultimate dance party with her dad, and the NBA player wasn't afraid to get a little silly. The two were videotaped dancing in circles around the living room and gave "dance like no one is watching" new meaning.

While some stars opt to keep their family life completely private, Kardashian and Tristan are quite the opposite. After all of the True content fans have been blessed with this week, it's sweet to see how open they are to sharing their lives, and fans (myself included) are eating it right up.