Cardi B dances onstage with her daughter Kulture.

Cardi B Clapped Back So Hard At A Hater Who Dared To Diss Kulture's Looks

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

The Bardigang has fallen head over heels in love with baby Kulture, but her biggest fan will always be her mama Cardi. The "Bodak Yellow" rapper may be one of the coolest moms on the planet, but she's still got the over-protective parent thing going for her. Cardi B's response to a hater dissing Kulture's looks deserves a round of applause.

Cardi couldn't help but get heated when one Twitter user decided to voice her not-so-nice opinion on baby Kulture's looks. After the fan wrote "Kulture not the cutest soooooo," in a post, Queen Cardi herself caught wind of the negative message. As you can imagine, the tweet didn't sit well with her, and she instantly clapped back. Though they're now deleted, HollywoodUnlocked caught wind of Cardi's tweets before they disappeared.

"My daughter is very much the cutest b*tch so sit down with your overgrown gums," Cardi wrote, according to the screenshot. "That's a fake tweet. Dumb b*tch play with your mother or in traffic don't play with mines."

The whole scenario probably should have ended there, but the fan actually went ahead and penned yet another nasty tweet, telling Cardi, "It's called an opinion." Again, Cardi reportedly went off.

"Ok and this a fact b*tch YOU IS TRASH ..You lucky I am a change woman I woulda violated your kids so bad you would hate your baby father for makin them. Don't try my kid," she reportedly tweeted, before following it up with a photo of Kulture.

Cardi has been open about why she keeps her life with Kulture so private, and why, for a while, she refused to post any pics at all of her daughter. She explained her reasoning in a February 2019 interview with Harper's Bazaar.

"As soon as she was born, one month in he was like, 'She's so beautiful. Watch how people gonna go crazy.' 'Cause a lot of people were saying mean stuff, like that we don't post her because she's ugly," Cardi recalled of one conversation with Offset. "He was like, 'I'm about to post my baby right now.' But then we were very concerned because we were getting a lot of threats, so he said, 'The world don't even deserve to see her.'"

I'm with Cardi on this one, y'all. Kulture is the cutest and that's an indisputable fact. Ultimately, there's a lesson to be learned here: If you dare to diss Kulture, you better be ready to take the heat.