North, True, & Chi Had The Cutest Playtime Together At MJ's 85th Birthday Party

by Jamie LeeLo
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

The Kardashian/Jenners have a real circle of life thing going on. It seems every time a new baby arrives (and they're told everything the spotlight touches is theirs) a new sibling pops up to take their place as youngest. For a brief, but sweet, time, North West was the only child in the Kardashian-West household, and now she's playing the role of big-sis to three younger siblings, plus a slew of little cousins. The video of North playing with True and Chi — her baby cousin and sister — is seriously so cute. You can tell she's taking this whole "older" thing seriously.

North isn't the oldest kid in the family but I sometimes get the feeling she thinks she is. In this video shared by Khloé, North straight-up struts her stuff in a neon orange outfit, futuristic sunglasses, and a big ol' purse that gives off more of a Marry Poppins vibe than a "money" vibe, but whatever. She huddles her little sister Chicago and cousin True around before dramatically reaching inside her purse to pull out a barbie. She then passes it to Chicago who is momentarily stunned by the gift before running off with joy.

Meanwhile, True continues to be my favorite person on the entire planet, who just watches and chills idly by. (Seriously. This child is unflappable. She is calm in a stormy sea. She is grace in the face of conflict. She is chill in a group of very, very un-chill relatives.)

Check out the sweet moment:

To make a precious moment even more precious, the family gathering was actually thanks to family matriarch, MJ, who was celebrating her 85th birthday. All of MJ's own granddaughters, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie, were able to make the celebration, and fortunately for fans, Khloé shared this amazing family polaroid:

Instagram/Khloé Kardashian

Levels, right?

Based on straight-up math, North is actually the third oldest grandchild to MJ. Her cousins Penelope and Mason have a little bit of time on her. In reality, the age rundown goes like this:

Mason Disick - 9 years old

Penelope Disick - 7 years old

North West - 6 years old

Reign Disick - 4 years old

Saint West - 3 years old

Chicago West - 1 year old

Stormi Webster - 1 year old

True Thompson - 1 year old

Psalm West - 2.5 months old

Can you guys even imagine what it will be like when this gang hits their mid-20s? I am stressed out AF already.

For now, let's soak up all of the adorable videos, pictures, and family moments we can before they start having too many opinions and the public starts playing favorites. (Let's be real, reality TV is a weird place to grow up.) Still, I pray for a Keeping Up With The Kardashian Kids spin-off one day that shows Mason teaching Saint how to drive, Chicago, Stormi, and True sneaking off to spend using their parent's credit cards, and whatever other shenanigans this group could get up to.

Happy birthday, MJ. You created one hell of an empire.