Khloé K Just The Cutest Photo Of True Surrounded By Birkin Bags That'll Bring You Joy

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You know you've made it in Hollywood (or anywhere for that matter) when you're successful enough to score yourself more than one Hermès Birkin bag. I mean, these babies go for upwards of $12,000 a pop (and that's on the low end) so most of us will never own even one. But Khloé Kardashian? She's got at least 14. And her daughter seems to enjoy surrounding herself with the designer handbags just as much as she does. Have you seen Khloe Kardashian's photo of True surrounded by Birkin bags yet? It's the photo opp to end all photo opps — and it's freaking amazing!

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took to Instagram on March 6 to share a photo of her sweet little girl chilling on what looks like a bed. She's wearing a purple top with puffy sleeves and a leopard head wrap, and please tell me how an 11-month-old is already more stylish than me? Anyhoo, True is sporting the biggest smile in the pic, as would any girl who suddenly found herself swimming in a sea of 14 Birkin bags. I mean, there's one in almost every color of the rainbow — red, yellow, neon green, blue, purple, light pink, dark pink, and black. There's even one that looks like it's been graffiti-ed with a bunch of dollar bills and the name "Khlo-Money."

Check it out:

"About 4 months ago," Kardashian captioned the shot. "My girl is growing so fast."

So sweet!

Of course, the internet being the internet, people were quick to call the reality star out for being excessive.

"This picture is so classless," wrote one commenter under the picture.

"Lol Yeah we know it you are RICH!!!!!" added another.

"Look at True surrounded by my college tuition," wrote a third.

And from a fourth: "Those purses could feed a whole city for a year."

OK, OK, we get it. You're pissed that Khloé bought (or was gifted) all of these luxe bags worth more than your car. But Kardashian works hard and she can afford them, you guys! So don't hate the player, hate the game.

Honestly, I'm just happy that KoKo is on social media at all these days, given everything that's going on in her personal life right now (*cough* Tristan *cough* Jordyn Woods ). So let's give the woman a chance to heal by focusing on the one thing that clearly brings her joy — her beautiful baby girl!

Meanwhile, the Birkin pic wasn't the only image of True that Khloé shared on Instagram. She added a couple of others to her story — like this one of her daughter decked out in all pink in front of an adorable stuffed pink flamingo:

Instagram Story/ Khloé Kardashian

And this one of her sitting on the floor with a big, pink bow in her hair as she stares up at huge pink and gold helium balloon:

Instagram Story/ Khloé Kardashian

Ugh, I just love her!

Hold on tight to that baby girl, mama, and just keep right on doing you!