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Khloe Kardashian's First Kiss Story With Tristan Thompson Is So, So Cute


There are fewer things in life I know to be true than Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's love for one another. They are so, so perfect for one another and I seriously can't wait for the birth of their child. And in true Valentine's Day fashion, Khloé gave her fans the best gift of all. Nope, not roses. Not even a teddy bear. That's right, Khloé Kardashian shared the story of her first kiss with Tristan Thompson, and now all my Valentine's Day dreams have officially came true.

How did we get so lucky? How did she know this is exactly what the world needed?

Because she's a damn superhero, that's how.

On her app, Khloé recalled her first kiss with Tristan, and I'm not going to lie: I feel as though it's so similar to almost everyone's first kiss with someone at some point in their life. She wrote,



This sort of sounds like a first kiss with a high school sweetheart, does it not? Picture it: There's a house party, your friends are all drinking and hanging out in the kitchen, and you and your crush finally share your first kiss. BAM. Fireworks!

Anyone? Or was that just me?

OK, so maybe that was just me. But hey, Khloé and I are in the same first kiss club, so at least that's a small victory.

Khloé also shared her Valentine's Day plans with fans on her app, and it proves that she and Tristan are actual #couplegoals. It also proves that Khloé is one badass girlfriend who knows how to do something special for the man that she loves. She wrote:

She added,

A nice, low-key night in with some family AND preparing Tristan's favorite food? Khloé, you are crushing Valentine' s Day right now.

As if we already weren't aware of just how cute of a couple they are, she told her fans how she knew that Tristan Thompson was "the one" on her app, and her words will make you ugly cry. She wrote,

She also added that they "spoke about religion, children and [their] families," and she stressed the importance of knowing someone's beliefs if you're dating seriously. She added,

Preach, girl!

So, what did we all learn today?

That Khloé Kardashian is basically the coolest girlfriend in the world.


K, bye!