Khloé Kardashian Defends Kim K For Those Topless Photos & It's The Ultimate Sister Move

After Kim Kardashian posted photos on Instagram and Twitter on Monday, Jan. 29, that basically broke the internet all over again, Khloé Kardashian defended Kim Kardashian's topless photos in a handful of tweets. Kim posted six photos of herself in a see-through white top with her hair in cornrows with beads at the bottom. The photos show her on the beach and on a bed and have gotten a lot of backlash for the nudity and the hairstyle that people are saying is cultural appropriation. Kardashian has been commenting back to people with an "I don't give a f*ck" kind of attitude (she literally captioned one of the photos on Twitter, "Hi, can I get zero f*cks please, thanks"), and now Khloé has come out in support of her older sister.

In two tweets on Monday, Jan, 29, Khloé said, "I am squealing like a little pig looking at all of Kimberly's Instagram's from the day! Oh my God is she not sooooooo on fire right now? FEELING THE FANTASY." She added in a second tweet, "Between her pictures and her clap backs.... I'm just living for it all. Confidence looks great on you Keeks."

Khloé didn't mention anything about the whole hair issue in her tweets. She only applauded her sister's confidence.

Kim Kardashian posted a series of topless photos online on Jan. 29 that were taken on polaroids for a photo shoot with photographer Marcus Hyde.

While there will always be people ready and willing to slut shame Kim Kardashian no matter what she posts, her other critics online are calling her out for the hairstyle in the photos, claiming she's appropriating black culture.

The correct term for these braids are Fulani braids or cornrows, not "Bo Derek braids" like Kardashian said. This is far from the first time someone from the Kardashian/Jenner family has been accused of cultural appropriation. In 2015, Kylie Jenner braided her hair in a similar style and got a lot of backlash for it as well. Kardashian debuted the hairstyle on her Snapchat story saying, "So guys, I did Bo Derek braids and I'm really into it." As one of the above Twitter users says in their tweet, Kardashian could have said she did Fulani braids or cornrows. But saying she "did Bo Derek braids" is essentially giving credit to a white woman for a hairstyle that was not created for or by her. Some fans of Kardashian are defending her, saying it's OK to mimic Derek's look from the 1979 film 10, but others think that's a weak defense.

Still, Kardashian wanted to let everyone know she doesn't care about her "haters."

Her, "Hi, can I get zero f*cks please, thanks" tweet was in response to the backlash to her topless photos and her hairstyle. Khloé Kardashian is the only member of the family to publicly stand up for Kardashian, but Kris Jenner liked all of Kardashian's photos on Instagram and I'm sure there are other likes from the family as well.

And while Khloé is right in that it's good to praise Kim's confidence when it comes to her own body and the photos she posts of herself, she could've handled this whole hair thing much better. Starting with not doing the Fulani braids.

People instantly started trolling the hair, saying she looks like Monica from "Friends" in that one episode where they're on vacation and Monica gets her hair done in the same way.

While Twitter users have been trolling Kardashian for this chosen hairstyle, Kardashian is also trolling other celebrities in response to her look.

Kim Kardashian clapped back at Lindsay Lohan after she commented on a post from Perez Hilton saying she's "confused" by Kardashian's look.

Hilton posted a photo of Kardashian saying, "Kim K's new look. Thoughts????" Lohan commented back saying, "I am confused." And then Kardashian responded directly to Lohan saying, "@lindsaylohan you know what's confusing.....your sudden foreign accent." I mean... where is the lie... Hilton posted a screenshot of the whole exchange on his Instagram and said, "@KimKardashian just responded to @LindsayLohan's comment on my photo of her new hair and I AM CRYING and squealing and gagging!!!!!!!! It feels like 2007 again!!" Sure, yes, that's an epic comeback from Kardashian to Lohan, but Kardashian could've gotten just as much internet-breaking polaroid photos without styling her hair this way.