KFC's Colonel Collectible Is Such A Fun Addition To Your Funko Collection

Courtesy Of KFC

One thing that most people don't really know about me is that I'm a total sucker for any and all collectible items. In fact, over the last 20-something of my life, I've acquired shelves and shelves filled with various toys from the bottoms of cereal boxes, inside Wonder Balls (yep #TBT), and lots and lots of giveaways. Most recently, though, I've had my eyes set on KFC's Funko collectibles featuring The Colonel. They're all I want for my birthday this year, please and thank you.

Attention, my fellow figurine collectors and fried chicken enthusiasts: Funko, the company known for their adorable wide-eyed collectibles, just released two limited-edition Colonel Sanders statuettes, and to be completely honest, I. Am. Obsessed. Two versions of the white-haired fried chicken salesman are available as of Jan. 23. One version is holding a classic, delicious-looking bucket of fried chicken, which is available for preorder on Amazon for $10.99, and another features his iconic cane, which are exclusively available on the Funko website as of 2 p.m. ET. Keep in mind that both will only be around for a limited time while supplies lasts, though, so make sure to get your hands on them ASAP.

Courtesy Of KFC
Courtesy Of KFC

UGH how cute are they? I might honestly cave and get one of each (sorry, wallet!).

Anyway, according to a press release, Andrea Zahumensky, the Chief Marketing Officer of KFC, said the Colonel is totally iconic for any and all fried chicken fans, and they're thrilled to work with Funko, because they make dope collectables for every collector out there.

Per the release, Zahumensky said:

We know Funko Pop! fans are as obsessive about their collections as Colonel Sanders was about his famous fried chicken. Now people can add the world’s greatest chicken salesman to their collections. I hear he’s best admired alongside a $20 Family Fill Up.

This is the very first time the figurine company has ever released a Colonel Sanders Pop! collectible, according to a press release. However, if you're a major fried chicken fanatic (or if you really, really love Funko), you're probably aware of the fact that they released a limited edition Colonel Sanders Wacky Wobbler bobblehead all the way back in 2002, in honor of the chain's anniversary celebrating 50 years in business. Cute!

According to the press release, Andrew Perlmutter, the President of Funko, said the company is thrilled to cater to Southern comfort lovers with this glorious new figurine. Plus, it's a huge honor to be associated with such an influential and iconic company (because who wouldn't love to represent the greatest fried chicken company in all the land?). I know I would.

According to the release, Perlmutter said:

It’s great to offer fans a beloved figurine that has captured the hearts and stomachs of consumers across the world. Colonel Sanders’ name and image have been synonymous with the fried chicken restaurant since its inception and we are excited to honor his influence on pop culture.

Maybe you happen to be a hardcore figurine collector like I am. Or, you might just really love some finger-lickin' good food. Regardless, Funko's KFC Colonel collectibles are totally cute, and if you were wondering what I want for my birthday, this is it. Hint hint, wink wink.