Kendall Jenner attends an event for DKNY.

Kendall's Christmas Decorations Are So Ridiculously Glam

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The KarJenner family live a life of glitz and glamour every day, but nothing is more glam than their houses come Christmas time. The Kardashians don't just deck the halls, they practically smother them in stunning, over-the-top decor. Seriously, no one does the holidays better than the KarJenner fam, which is why I've been waiting to see their 2019 decorations like a child waiting for Christmas day. As one of the first sisters to share a sneak peek, Kendall Jenner's 2019 Christmas decorations will leave you mesmerized.

It's not exactly hard to make an $8.5M mansion look glam, so Jenner kept her holiday decor more on the minimal side. Still, her endless array of white lights were so eye-catching. She shared several videos of her sparkling set-up to her Instagram Stories so fans at home could catch a glimpse of her festive Beverly Hills abode.

Her walk-through showcased the twinkling lights Jenner wrapped around the entire perimeter of her house as well as the gorgeous display in her living room. Basically, Jenner had bright white lights strung just about everywhere you look. The most exquisite part of all was her massive Christmas tree, which was nearly as tall as her ceiling.

Jenner's video clip also showed off her quaint fireplace decked out with lights and gorgeous green garland.

Kim Kardashian also showed off her holiday spirit this year, and took the minimalist route just like her sister. Kardashian opted for an all-white Christmas tree adorned with white lights. The rest of her holiday decor was equally elegant.

Kardashian placed massive white trees of all different shapes and sizes in the hallway of her mansion, though people are poking fun at them for looking a bit like tampons.

Sure, the Kardashians do it real big for the holidays, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are breaking the bank. Kourtney Kardashian even said once she gets her holiday supplies at IKEA.

Now that Kendall has given fans a glimpse into her 2019 holiday decor, I think I've got enough inspo to get to work on mine.