Kellogg's SMORZ Cereal Jumbo Snax taste just like s'mores.

The New SMORZ Cereal Jumbo Snax Are A Dream Come True For S'mores Lovers

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Kellogg's

Get ready to enjoy your favorite campfire treat on-the-go, because Kellogg's SMORZ cereal is making a comeback this spring — with a twist. The fan-favorite cereal is being transformed for snacktime and returning as Kellogg's SMORZ Jumbo Snax. If you're ready to try out the s'mores-flavored bites, here are the details.

Kellogg’s SMORZ Jumbo Snax is the latest addition to the brand's Jumbo Snax lineup, which features popular cereals like Froot Loops and Apple Jacks turned into snacks. The new product will certainly have you throwing it back to childhood memories around the campfire with its flavors of toasty s'mores. After all, each melt-in-your-mouth bite features toasted graham squares with hints of marshmallow and rich chocolate flavor.

If you're ready to bring toasty s'mores to snack time, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for the product when it hits shelves nationwide in April. The snacks will be selling in a 12-pouch multipack, featuring 42-ounce bags that are perfect for stashing in your bag when you're in a rush. It'll cost you around $5.49 for the multipack box, depending on the location.

To make things even sweeter this spring, Kellogg's is dropping another surprise flavor along with the release of SMORZ Cereal Jumbo Snax in April. Make sure to stay tuned to the brand's Instagram account, @kelloggsus, for more details on the tasty surprise.

Courtesy of Kellogg's

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