Keke's New Music Video About Voting Will Have You Laughing All The Way To The Polls

Courtesy of Keke Palmer on YouTube

Keke Palmer knows one way to get young voters' attention: Dropping a song and music video that addresses them in a way that makes them laugh. With less than a week to go until Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 3, Palmer is urging people to vote in the most epic way. Keke Palmer's "Actually Vote" video will have you cracking up — and agreeing with her 100%.

Ahead of the election between president Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden, Palmer has been vocal about the importance of exercising your right to vote. "A word from some dope millennials and the millennial diva herself," Palmer tweeted on Thursday, Oct. 29, alongside the debut of her "Actually Vote" music video.

On the track, Palmer gets straight to the point: You can't just hope for change, you've got to vote for change. "Young people like to talk that big talk, young people are the biggest voting block," she sings. "You can only make a change if you check that damn box."

Palmer goes on to tell millennials to put down their phones, get off their couches and their asses, and "actually vote." If that wasn't enough, Palmer touched on so many important topics including the coronavirus crisis, education, health care, and how young people have power in numbers.

Palmer also enlisted some star power for the music video. Ilana Glazer, Bella Thorne, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Julianne Moore all make cameos in the nearly 4-minute long visual.

Without using his name, Palmer goes on to take a direct jab at Trump when she sings: "This should be an easy decision / Use your intuition / Don't need no more with that clown politician / Running his mouth on my damn television."

Palmer's music video ends with her placing her ballot in the mail, reminding everyone that there are several ways to cast their ballot in this extremely important election: by mail, in person, and early.

Major props to Palmer for putting so much creativity — and honesty — into this song and music video. Now, go actually vote.