Orlando Bloom Posted A Post-Engagement Selfie With Katy Perry That'll Make You Smile

by Hollee Actman Becker
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's love story is seriously so romantic. First, they got engaged on Valentine's Day, with a bunch of red heart balloons and a totally baller flower-shaped diamond ring. Now, less than a week later, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's post-engagement selfie shows the duo celebrating their happy news on the slopes while decked out in ski goggles and helmets. Because safety.

Bloom hit up Instagram on Feb. 20 to share a pretty cute picture of himself with his new fiancée enjoying what looks like another snowy vacay. Remember back in January when The "Swish Swish" singer and the Pirates of the Caribbean star took a snowboarding trip to Aspen to ring in the New Year? Well, it looks like love is back in the high altitudes for the two stars — who are apparently pretty stoked to brave the cold weather on the mountain in order to hit the rails again.

"Underneath, we’re grinning from ear to ear," Bloom captioned the image of their two helmet-covered heads. It's the first pic together either celeb has shared since announcing their happy news on Feb. 15, and it's actually adorable AF in a frozen-fractals-all-around/Daft Punk kind of way.

Check it out:

S'cute, right?

Meanwhile, my fave part of the whole thing is the fact that Perry later rolled up in the comment section to ask Bloom for a tag, which is totally something a 12-year-old girl would do.

"Tag me so I don’t look like a random," she wrote in the comments.

Instagram/Orlando Bloom

LOL, Katy. LOL.

Meanwhile, Ryan Seacrest — who co-stars with Perry on American Idol — shared some inside details about the hours leading up to the big proposal moment on Live With Kelly and Ryan on Feb. 19.

"So we were shooting some American Idol over the last couple of days," he explained to Kelly Ripa on-air. "And it was Valentine’s Day and there was a lot of talk about staying on track and staying on schedule. I figured the crew and everybody had Valentine's plans so they wanted to get out on time. Well, turns out, I guess, Orlando had this whole evening planned out. She went from Idol, and then a few hours later, we saw the post up on Instagram."

Cool story, bro. And this is the post he's talking about, by the way:

Well done on that caption, Katy.

By the way... do you see that ring? Of course you do. You actually can't miss it, because it's so freaking major. And according to Seacrest, Perry was enjoying showing off the stunning rock on the set of Idol the day after the whole engagement thing went down.

"She was judging with this hand," he explained as he mimicked Perry gesturing in the optimal way to put her bling on full display. TBH, Seacrest's Perry impression is actually kind of hilarious, so if you haven't seen the clip yet, please enjoy:

HAHAHA. I see you, Katy. But for the record, if I had that ring on my finger I'd totally be doing the same thing. So congrats, girl. And bloom, baby, bloom!