Karlie Kloss Shared The Sweetest Unseen Footage From Her Wedding, So Grab A Tissue

It's officially 2019, and that means it's time for celebrities everywhere to reflect on what they accomplished in 2018, including model and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss. On January 1, she shared a YouTube video looking back at everything she did in 2018, and it's definitely worth the watch. In fact, in the video, Karlie Kloss shared unseen footage from her wedding to businessman Joshua Kushner, and you'll definitely need plenty of tissues. Kloss kept her wedding fairly private and small, only sharing little snippets from the day to social media since tying the knot in October. But now, she's sharing more from her special day, so grab some tissues before you watch because you're bound to shed a few tears. It's that good.

In her video recap of 2018, Kloss talks about her career adventures, the places she traveled, and then remarked that she "Got married, holy sh*t!" It was seriously adorable, but even more adorable was the wedding footage she shared. Before diving into her wedding day, Kloss also gave viewers an inside look into the moment she first saw her custom Dior wedding gown, which brought the 26-year-old to tears on sight.

The part of the video featuring Kloss and Kushner's wedding starts at about 7:53 (although the entire video is amazing). She shared some amazing shots of her getting ready with her girl squad, posing for some lovely bridal portraits in the woods where she basically looked like a woodland fairy queen, and even showed us her first look with her now-husband.

As first looks are becoming an increasingly popular wedding trend, Kloss and Kushner's moment from the video stands out. When the groom sees his bride for the first time, his entire face lights up and he looks completely taken aback by how stunning Kloss is. The montage is amazing, and seriously so sweet. Kloss is constantly grinning ear-to-ear, and looks so at peace when Kushner makes his appearance next to her. She closes out the wedding video footage by jokingly telling her groom, "I'm so happy! Thank you for coming." In short, it seems to have been an absolutely perfect day, and year, for Kloss.

Kloss has been fairly private about her relationship with Kushner, and has had to deal with quite a bit of criticism due to Kushner's family ties to the Trump administration. As Kushner's brother, Jared, is married to Ivanka Trump and is currently a senior advisor to President Trump, family reunions might be a bit awkward, as Kloss leans more left. In fact, since her engagement to Kushner in July 2018, it seems as though much of the conversation surrounding Kloss has revolved around her fiancé. "It’s frustrating, to be honest, that the spotlight is always shifted away from my career toward my relationship," Kloss told Elle in October 2018. "I don’t think the same happens in conversations with men."

Certainly, she's correct, so it's understandable that she wouldn't want to focus too much on her love life when she's accomplished so much else in her career this year. She got a job as the new host of Project Runway, hung out with Bill Nye, and so much more. Kloss got a lot done, including tying the knot to her true love in a gorgeous wedding. In short, she's living her best life. Cheers to her.