You Can't Help But Stan Kamala Harris In Timberland Boots & Pearls On The Campaign Trail

Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Political fashion is generally not something I'd call particularly exciting or interesting, but it seems I've been proven wrong. People are loving Kamala Harris’ Timberlands and pearls look she wore on the campaign trail recently. The Vice Presidential candidate first showed off the look disembarking a plane in Fresno, California on Sept. 15. She then wore the outfit to a few campaign events that followed. Compared to the standard, simple, sky-high heels some female politicians usually sport, these boots are such a refreshing sight, not to mention appropriate for the task at hand.

"This is not a partisan issue," Harris said in response to the California wildfires. "Ideology should not kick in. It's just a fact. This is just a fact ... And it is incumbent on us, in terms of leadership ... to take seriously the extreme changed in our climate and to do what we can to mitigate against the damage." During her visit, the candidate visited areas devastated by the fires and spoke with firefighters and other emergency response personnel. To the visit, she wore jeans, a white shirt, a khaki green utility jacket, her Timberlands, and pearls. Put the elegance of a pearl necklace together with her Timberlands, which have such a down-to-earth, street-style vibe to them, and it's simply *chef's kiss*.

As far as the candidate's fashion choices go, Harris clearly favors comfortable shoes that anyone on the street could be wearing. One of her go-to campaigning footwear choices has always been Converse, but Timberland boots have popped up before. She's previously worn the hiking boots while speaking with farmers during her Presidential campaign in 2019. The vice presidential candidate's hiking boots also draw a staunch comparison to First Lady Melania Trump's usual heels. Back in 2017, FLOTUS received a lot of backlash for wearing stilettos to visit the wreckage caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Campaigning is not an easy feat. It involves so much time on your feet, jumping from place to place, and navigating all sorts of terrain. It's anyone's guess what kind of comfy footwear Harris will whip out next.