Here's Why Kaitlyn Bristowe Doesn't Want Jason Tartick To Propose RN

by Candice Jalili
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Their relationship is apparently better than ever, but Kaitlyn Bristowe doesn't want Jason Tartick to propose in quarantine. “I told him I don’t want to [have a] quarantine engagement,” she told Us Weekly on May 15. “[I want] a little more romance than just at the house.”

That being said, Bristowe made it clear that she does see an engagement with Tartick in her future. “We’re on such a good path,” Bristowe continued. “[It’s] the healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in and [an engagement] just feels like the natural next step.” She even hinted she's been ready for some time now by noting she “wouldn’t have been surprised” if he proposed to her last year.

Quarantine has only cemented the Off the Vine podcast host's belief that Tartick, who she's been dating since January 2019, is the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with. “We actually feel like we’re closer because of quarantine, because we’re both working on our individual projects,” she shared. “We come together at the end of the night and have a glass of wine and talk about our days and we help each other with our businesses.”

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The experience has also forced them to stop sweating the small stuff. "We just have been like such a team through this," she explained. "I think in this time where it’s hard to be so positive but you also appreciate relationships so much more and let the little things go.”

But, to be fair, they may not be much to let go considering the fact that they get along so well. “I know now, like, there’s no getting sick of that guy," Bristowe gushed. "I know now that I could easily live with him. We get along, we’ve spent so much time [together].”

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The experience has been so transformative that Bristowe is now convinced "anyone who gets through this quarantine together, as a relationship, should get married." Bold statement, but I feel her.

OK, one last adorable thing? Tartick is apparently a great co-parent to their two dogs, Pinot and Ramen. “We coparent perfectly with the dogs,” Bristowe shared.

So, yeah. They're probably not getting engaged during quarantine. But, based on all of the above gushing, I think it's safe to say their relationship is in a good spot.