Your Happiness Is About To Align, Thanks To Jupiter In Sagittarius

by Valerie Mesa

It's your lucky year, Sagittarius! After swimming in the depths of oversexed and taboo-loving Scorpio for over a year, your lucky ruling planet Jupiter, traditionally known as The Greater Benefic, finally returns to its home sign, for the first time in 12 years. That's right, Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018 legit starts on Nov. 8, and I was not kidding when I said, the possibilities are endless, my fellow stargazers. Imagine, Jupiter is the planet of luck, faith, opportunity, travel, and expansion. Granted, whatever sign Jupiter touches will certainly thrive, but then again, that's nothing compared to the infinite blessings of Jupiter in Sagittarius, as this is Sagittarius' traditional planet of rulership. Trust me, it's no coincidence our friendly neighborhood Sag loves traveling, learning, and living life to the fullest. You can always blame their ruling planet Jupiter for their insatiable FOMO. No offense, Sagittarius.

Lucky Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, as it is a symbol of abundance, growth, and experience. This planet also serves as a reminder to take risks, and ultimately trust our higher selves, despite the mundane responsibilities and practicalities of our day-to-day. Wherever Jupiter is located on your astrological birth chart determines where you are given the opportunity to shine the brightest. Where do you thrive? How can you expand your horizons?

Check your birth chart, if you haven't done so. The zodiac sign and astrological house placement can help you determine how and where you will start living your very best life. Will you find luck through your partnerships? Or will you thrive once you begin tapping into mysticism? Who knows, maybe being you is all you need to do. Trust the universe, and let Jupiter be your guide. In the meantime, check and see where Sagittarius is located on your birth chart. This is where Jupiter will sprinkle its lucky charms of growth and abundance, throughout its 13-month journey.


  • First House: Personality, Physical Appearance
  • Second House: Income, Values, Possessions, Self Worth
  • Third House: Siblings, Immediate Network, Communication
  • Fourth House: Home, Family, Ancestors
  • Fifth House: Creative Expression, Joy, Children, Romance
  • Sixth House: Health, Daily Routine
  • Seventh House: Committed Partnerships, Connections
  • Eighth House: Sexuality, Other People's Money, Transformation
  • Ninth House: Higher Learning, School, Travel, Personal Philosophy
  • Tenth House: Ambitions, Career, Professional Destiny
  • Eleventh House: Extended Network, Friendships, Tribe
  • Twelfth House: Healing, Closure, Spirituality

Jupiter In Sagittarius 2018

In astrology, Sagittarius is represented by the archer, confidently holding its majestic arrow straight up into the sky, as there is nothing it loves more than taking risks, and living in the moment. Truth is, Sagittarius' energy is overflowing with optimism, which is why those born under this sign tend to be gamblers at heart. The archer's daring personality and spontaneous energy, serves as a reminder that there is more than meets the eye.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius, there is immense opportunity to learn, grow, travel, and ultimately expand our horizons. Put it this way: dreaming big, exploring, and venturing out into unknown territory will never feel this good. What's on your bucket list? Are you ready to take a risk? Whether you're planning a highly anticipated trip, going back to school and getting your master's degree, or simply doing something you've never done before in your life, the time is NOW.

While the Great Benefic planet is traveling through its home sign of adventurous Sagittarius from now until Dec. 2, 2019, there will be a feeling of optimism in the air, and a strong desire for cultural evolution. This 13-month-long transit will feel like an adventurous quest full of hope, enthusiasm, faith, and opportunity. Carpe diem.