Jordyn's TikTok With Her Little Sister Is Wild, Because They Look Like TWINS

Leon Bennett/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jordyn Woods' latest TikTok video will have you seeing double. The social media star gave fans some insight into her family life on Feb. 24, sharing a video with her sister lip-syncing to "I Am a Girl Like You" from Barbie's Princess And The Pauper. The song couldn't have been more applicable, and fans were beyond shook at how much the duo were spitting images of each other. Jordyn Woods' TikTok twinning with her sister Jodie is mind-blowing.

Woods' video began with audio that said: "Having a younger sister that looks exactly like you check." Her sister then popped into the clip sporting the same exact hairstyle and makeup as her older sis.

Woods doesn't post with her 15-year-old sister very often, so fans were loving the video clip and couldn't get over the fact they looked like practical clones of one another. After posting it on TikTok, Woods re-shared it on Instagram.

"Wow this crazy," one person commented below the video. "Wtf, it's like the same person twice," another said. A number of people found it hard to believe they aren't biological twins. "Sis you sure yall not twinss" one comment read.

You can see Woods' twinning TikTok video with her sister below.

Jordyn has three siblings in total, John Woods III, Joshua Woods, and Jodie. Jodie is seven years Jordyn's junior, but she's already built a successful foundation for her career. She has nearly 1 million followers on Instagram, and is the face of streetwear line FRVR Unbothered. It looks like the entire Woods family has their sights set on stardom. Like her sister, Jodie is signed to Woods Management Group, which is operated by their mother, Elizabeth Woods.

Fans have gotten the occasional glance at Jodie and Jordyn's life together. In an October 2019 Q&A posted to YouTube, Jodie thanked her sister for continuously sharing words of wisdom. "Honestly, I feel like all the advice you give me is really, really good. I don't really know what to choose because I know that all the advice you give me... you're just trying to make me a better person," Jodie said.

“You’re really the best big sister and I really appreciate you,” Jodie said when asked her favorite thing about her sister.

As Jodie gets older, she's taking after her big sis in more ways than one.