Jordan McGraw Is Opening For The Jonas Brothers & He's About To Take Over

Shanelle Infante/Elite Daily

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You've definitely heard Jordan McGraw's new summer jam "Met At A Party," featuring Sarah Hyland, but if you're not familiar with his name yet, that's totally fine, because he's just starting to pick up steam as a solo artist. However, that doesn't mean he hasn't been making a name for himself in the music industry for over a decade. Right now, Jordan McGraw is opening for the Jonas Brothers, and when you see how hard he's been grinding to make his musical dreams a reality, it's not hard to understand why.

Before McGraw struck out on his own as a solo artist, he was a member of a few different bands; his most notable being the hard-rock band Stars in Stereo, founded in 2011, and his more recent punk-pop band, Hundred Handed. He may have been in a few bands before that, too, because music has always been a staple in his life.

"I think I was in bands before that, too," he tells Elite Daily about his pre-Stars in Stereo days. "Ever since I could play three chords, I was in a band with my friends... Being in a band with a bunch of [people who] all have different influences, you listen to what they’ve learned and you kinda get this tasting of different styles."

But what prompted McGraw to go solo after being part of a group for so long? "It kind of turned into the point where it was either 'go out and try to find four more people to be married to in a band' or just take that jump at being myself. I haven't had more fun playing music than I do right now. It’s just like the best."

McGraw has hit a new level of success since taking that "jump." He performed his single "Met At A Party" with Sarah Hyland at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards (which has a music video in the works), and he's currently an opening act on the Jonas Brothers' Happiness Begins tour. McGraw credits the success he's seeing today to his history in a band.

"I think like the hard rock stuff translates to the on-stage kinda vibe of [being] reckless and having fun and doing whatever you want," McGraw says. "The pop/punk stuff is the not taking yourself too serious, and the pop stuff is the song construction."

The Jonas Brothers can definitely relate to having a history in bands, which is probably why they get along so well on tour with McGraw. He says there's a tell-tale sign to look out for whenever the boys spent the day leading up to a concert on the golf course, actually. "We play golf a lot on tour and if you look at my arms, Nick’s arms, or Joe’s arms, you can tell when we played golf because we totally have a farmer’s tan."

That is one thing I'll definitely be looking out for in the future, Jordan! That, and your "Met At A Party" music video. It can't come soon enough.