Jordan McGraw's Dad Is This Huge Celebrity You'd Never Guess

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Did you know Dr. Phil has a son who was in a band? And when I say a band, I mean three bands. Yeah, I didn't know either. But if you didn't know, now you know. So, now a little update on Dr. Phil's son's musical career: he's going solo. Yep, you can learn a lot when you Google "Who Is Jordan McGraw?" I've taken the liberty of compiling a little article of things to know about the budding musician, so you won't have to Google anymore. Turns out, McGraw knows his way around a guitar and has established a pretty successful career.

So, without further ado, let's rewind back to the very early stages of McGraw's music career. Jordan McGraw started playing guitar at 15 years old. He's 31 now, so he's definitely been putting in work. I know you're probably thinking the son of a superstar television psychologist like Dr. Phil might have had a little help from daddy pursuing a career in the music business, but it seems like McGraw has been working really hard to make a name for himself for a really long time.

In 2005, McGraw formed his first band called The Upside, for which he was lead vocalist and lead guitarist. It doesn't seem like the group went very far since McGraw joined the band Stars in Stereo soon after from 2011 to 2015.

There isn't much to find on the alternative rock band. They have no official Spotify page or YouTube channel, but I managed to come across a group interview on Rock Revolt Magazine and their very-'90s looking website lives on to this day. Interestingly enough, even in 2012, the reporter mentions having some difficulty digging up any real info on the group. Maybe the band wasn't into obsessively updating their Facebook status like I was in 2012? Either way, there aren't many official traces of the group left on the net. Though, you can still find a few videos of the band's performances on YouTube to prove Stars in Stereo was once very much a thing. Here they are performing their song "Leave Your Mark" at KILO 94.3 radio station in Colorado.

Sometime around 2015, McGraw launched yet another band called Hundred Handed. This group doesn't seem to have much of a digital footprint either, besides this article from the Daily Mail about the band living in McGraw's Tim Burton-themed mansion. However, there's this video of them performing on The Steve Harvey Show in 2016. Not bad.

There's also a pretty cool animated music video for Hundred Handed's track "Too Good" that lives on on McGraw's solo YouTube channel. It was released in March 2018 and that wasn't even that long ago...

In May 2018, the band hosted a Q&A session over iHeartRadio's Most Requested Live's YouTube show Ask Anything Chat and McGraw revealed Hundred Handed was on a break.

Currently, I have no word on whether Hundred Handed is still a thing, but in April 2019, McGraw took his first steps out as a solo artist. He released a cameo-filled music video for his single "Flexible," which was inexplicably directed by Joe Jonas. It's kind of a must-see. It starts with John Mayer. I bet you didn't see that coming. The video is basically a fun ode to the '80s and includes appearances from McGraw's dad (that's Dr. Phil, remember?) and T-Pain.

Now, that we're up to speed, McGraw looks like he is taking his solo endeavors to new heights. His latest piece of work is a collaboration with actor and musician Sarah Hyland. McGraw announced the musical alliance over Twitter along with a 9-second snippet of the seemingly mid-tempo, pop-rock track. He Tweeted, "#MetAtAParty featuring @Sarah_Hyland drops August 9th!! Let’s goooo."

Also, McGraw and Hyland are going to perform together at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards on Aug. 11. I'm looking forward to it. Hyland shared the good news on Twitter, writing, "You guys said you wanted music from me! Sooooo LETS GOOOOIO [sic]."

Wow, a performance in the books at one of the hottest awards shows of the summer already? That means the track must be pretty cool. Plus, the rest of the performance line-up is pretty high caliber. It includes Mabel, One Republic, and Blanco Brown. Hot. So guys, take note that Jordan McGraw is definitely someone to keep an eye on!