Sophie Turner & Jonathan Van Ness

Here's What *Actually* Went Through Jonathan Van Ness' Head When He Met Sophie Turner

by Ani Bundel
Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

As one of Queer Eye's brightest stars, Jonathan Van Ness is known for his outsized personality, his love of yoga. and his well-groomed facial hair, all of which have helped him become a major celebrity. But that doesn't mean he's forgotten his Gay of Thrones roots. Jonathan Van Ness' story about meeting Sophie Turner, one of Game of Thrones' biggest names, is one of the adorable anecdotes he shares with Elite Daily.

Van Ness, or "JVN" as he's known to his fans, admits meeting one of Game of Thrones' most fashionable stars was slightly terrifying. His reaction instantly went viral.

"I was minding my business walking down the hallway when I saw Sophie Turner looking right at me, and then she said my first and last name, and then my first instinct was to turn around and run," he confesses.

"Like OMG, I love Sansa and I love Sophie Turner. I just couldn’t believe that I was seeing Sophie Turner saying my own name. I was concerned that I was having like a health issue, 'cause I was like, 'Am I hallucinating?' which you know, we can’t have that and you know it’s..." He trails off a bit. "Yeah, can’t have that, so it was more, I just couldn’t believe I was seeing Miss Sophie Turner say my name."

He's also absolutely 100% on board for recapping any and all Game of Thrones prequels. When asked, he responds, "I mean, come on!"

"We have all been trying to find ourselves in this post-Game of Thrones maze and any light at the end of the tunnel honey I’m gonna take it. I wanna know everything."


Van Ness is charmingly self-deprecating when talking about meeting Turner, but at this point, he's as big a household name as any Game of Thrones star. That's why people turn their eyes to him when it comes to things like Movember. To celebrate this year, he's partnered with Planters to help spread the word with a series of videos.

"Movember caught my attention in the last few years — pre-Queer Eye, one of my clients first started telling me about it," he reminisces. "[It's] talking about men’s mental and physical health, which has direct implications on men’s wellness. I feel especially iconic about my ‘stach, so I am partnering up with Planters to help people feel more gorgeous about their mustaches. You know, whether it’s a gigantic one or one that has 18 or 20 friends over cause we just don’t have that many hairs per inch on our upper lip, like whatever. We’re going to feel gorgeous about our facial hair."

As for Van Ness' other big Movember project, Queer Eye: We're In Japan, he says it's one everyone should tune in for.

"It was really amazing. I’ve always tried to approach Queer Eye like, yes, I share knowledge, but I don’t know everything about self-care and hair and makeup. I know what I know, and I’ve been doing it a long time, and I’m always open to learning more. And going to Japan, it’s such a different culture. It was all really emot, but also really fun. It felt really special."

Queer Eye: We're in Japan arrives Nov. 1, 2019, on Netflix, just in time for Movember.