You Probably Didn't Notice The 1 Thing John Krasinski & Emily Blunt Do On Red Carpets

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It’s not just a guess that John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are totally made for each other. The two stars have been married for almost nine years, and are honestly just as cute now as they were when they first got together. We’ve seen them together at events for almost a decade, but as it turns out, there’s probably something about them you didn’t quite notice. If you look closely at John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s red carpet photos, you’ll notice that they all have one surprising detail in common.

When the couple poses together, they very frequently turn their bodies toward one another in a V-shape, and they’re always looking into each other’s eyes and smiling or laughing. It’s a much more relaxed pose than we often see from celebrities attending public events, where cameras are flashing in their faces and it might be tempting to just strike a stiff pose and smile. When I first saw all these photos of Krasinski and Blunt side by side, I was blown away by the similarity, and of course my first question was… what does it all mean? Does it say anything specific about their chemistry or about how their marriage is doing?

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According to body language expert Patti Wood, Krasinski and Blunt have great energy with one another. “The thing I think is especially unique is that he cracks her up,” she points out. “It’s clear to me that they have little inside jokes.” In so many of these photos, Blunt looks up at her husband adoringly, almost like she’s in the middle of laughing. If this is what they’re like on the red carpet, can you imagine how many jokes they must tell each other at home?

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As for the way they’re standing, there’s a reason behind that, too. “They’re in a love V, which helps them see each other and interact with each other,” Wood notes. And in some of the photos, they’re standing noticeably much closer to one another than most other couples do when they pose. “They have this wonderful mutual gaze,” Wood says, noting how easy it looks for the couple to be together in public.

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Krasinski always has his arm around his lady, and he often places it lower on her back, just below the waist. “It’s very sexually intimate … and she’s very comfortable with it,” Wood explains. This means great things for the status of the couple’s relationship — they’re clearly not putting on an act for the camera, because that would likely come across as rigid. Instead, they’re enjoying each other’s company, regardless of who is watching.

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There’s also a surprising reason we can’t get enough of seeing Krasinski and Blunt together in public. Wood explains that the joy on the couple’s faces actually transfers to us when we look at photos of them together. “The photos have that ‘up’ energy, so when you look at them, your energy goes up,” Wood says. “It affects our limbic system, so their happiness raises our happiness.”

Well, looks like I have a scientific reason to fangirl over these two now, so there’s no going back. It’s for my health, you guys. I promise.