John Cena & Nikki Bella’s Sweetest Instagram Moments Will Give You All The Feels

Are you ready to rumble? And by rumble, I mean swoon over the sheer adorableness of wrestling's (possibly back together) golden couple John Cena and Nikki Bella’s sweetest Instagram moments.

Some quick background on these two: Cena and Bella, who started dating in 2012 and were set to wed in May 2018, suddenly called off their wedding in mid-April. The news shocked fans of the couple and broke tons of hearts, because, I mean, look at them! Fortunately, it didn't take long for rumors to begin circulating that they were on the road to a reconciliation. While neither Cena nor Bella have confirmed (or denied) the rumors, a source allegedly told Us Weekly that the two are back together, but are using this time to "work on their relationship day by day." (Elite Daily reached out to Bella and Cena's teams for comment but did not hear back by the time of publication.)

Maybe it's corny, but I live for a real-life love story, so I really hope the rumors are true, and I'm rooting for these two to make it. Wonder why I'm so obsessed? Well, just take a look at how adorable they were on Insta! You can see they didn't just love each other, but also really, genuinely liked one another, and that combo is total relationship #goals. Here are some of my favorite moments Cena and Bella have shared on social media. Here's hoping they find their way back to each other soon. We need more precious moments like these.

When She Adorably Smushed His Face
thenikkibella on Instagram

Stahp! You're both adorable, we get it. But don’t actually stop though, OK? (Please don't stop my heart can't take it.) Can you believe these two broke up?! The world is a sadder place without them squishing each other's faces — with love. So let's cross our fingers that the rumors are true, and that they actually are back together.

When They Stole A Kiss In A Wine Cellar
thenikkibella on Instagram

I’m glad these two aren’t bottling up their feelings. (I know that was a terrible joke, but I stand by it — don’t you dare judge me!)

When They Took This Cute Selfie
thenikkibella on Instagram

One of the reasons I love these two together is that, even when going through their breakup, they've had nothing negative to say about one another. That's probably a big part of why they might be able to reconcile (or already have, if the rumors are true!). Honestly, the only shade I want to see from this duo are Bella’s cute sunglasses. Seriously though, where did she get these? I need a pair.

When They Pressed Noses
thenikkibella on Instagram

Have you ever seen a more adorable eskimo kiss? Sigh.

When He Kissed Her Hand In The Closet Of My Dreams
thenikkibella on Instagram

Yeah, not sure what I'm more jealous of in this picture: The total love story unfolding on my screen, or the closet. Wow! That closet is my new life goal. Also love, but you know, whatever.

When They Shared This Private Moment
thenikkibella on Instagram

This picture of them may actually be my favorite. Maybe it's not as funny or glamorous as the other pictures, but it really feels like a "moment," and their connection really shines through. Also, no one should be that gorgeous without any makeup. Yes, I am bitter. What's your point?

When He Couldn't Stop Photobombing Her
thenikkibella on Instagram

Seeing these two goof around like a couple of nerds gives me life. These are dark days we are living through, and sometimes you just have to stop taking everything so seriously and get your awkward photobomb on.

When They Bared It All
thenikkibella on Instagram

I am not saying I want someone to leak this sex tape, but I'm not not saying that either.

When They Shared This Happy Embrace
thenikkibella on Instagram

But seriously, folks, aren't they just the cutest? They really do look happy together and I genuinely hope they can reconcile.

If you suddenly feel way more invested in Cena and Nikki getting back together than you expected, I don't blame you. I mean, I don't even watch wrestling and I’m all in on these two. What can I say? Catching a serious case of shipping fever can happen to anyone.

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