Joe Alwyn Opened Up About Accidentally Revealing He's Dating Taylor Swift On Instagram


Taylor Swift's fans are so good at spotting all the little details in the pop star's music videos and social media posts that give away what's going on in her personal life. This is a lesson Swift's boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, learned the hard way, after posting a picture on Instagram of himself standing in front of the very same cactus Swift had posted a shot in front of the day before. Rookie move, Alwyn. Rookie move! While some Jaylor shippers were convinced Alwyn shared the image on purpose to give Swift a subtle shoutout, the English actor is finally opening up about the fact that the big reveal was actually a mistake. And lemme just say that Joe Alwyn's reaction to revealing he's dating Taylor Swift via a cactus is actually so relatable to anyone who's ever accidentally divulged something about themselves on social media.

"I didn't even think of that until I was in New York and someone else mentioned it," he told ET. "It wasn't purposeful at all!"


I'm guessing Alwyn was pretty bummed about his screw up, since up until that point, the couple had done a notoriously good job of keeping their relationship on the down-low. And in the November issue of British GQ, Alwyn says they plan to keep it that way.

"Someone's private life is by definition private," he told the publication. "No one is obliged to share their personal life."

Boooo. I mean, look — I get it, and I do appreciate his commitment to privacy. But that doesn't make it any easier to hear quotes like this one, which Alwyn gave to British Vogue:

I'm aware people want to know about that side of things. I think we have been successfully very private and that has now sunk in for people… but I really prefer to talk about work.

I hear you. But then maybe you shouldn't be standing in Phoenix, Arizona in front of the same cactus your girlfriend stood in front of, on the same day that she's opening her Reputation tour in that very same city.

Just a thought.

Now, in case you guys missed the whole Cactusgate thing, lemme get you up to speed. On May 7, the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer shared her post in front of the plant on Insta, along with the caption: "Fact: I’ve never been more excited about a tour than I am about this one. And it starts TOMORROW. Also, not even remotely tour related, but today I met a cactus."

S'cute, right? Well, fast forward to August, when Alwyn finally decided to bite the bullet and make his own Instagram account public. Fans quickly uncovered the fact that he had a post on his feed from May 8 that featured a shot of him standing in front of that same freaking cactus:

As you can imagine, Twitter blew up with the discovery.

So yeah, the cactus was pretty much outta the bag. And if Swift doesn't capitalize on this whole amazing situation and feature that damn succulent in her next music video or something, then she is not the reigning queen of legit everything that I thought she was.