Jenna Fischer revealed what Jim's teapot note for Pam on The Office said

The Real Story Behind Jim's Teapot Note For Pam On 'The Office' Is Emotional


If there was a Dundie Award for best office romance, it would surely go to Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. After several episodes filled with will-they-or-won't-they tension, the two gradually transitioned from friends, to lovers, to spouses, and eventually, to parents. While the two-part "Niagara" episode will forever be one of The Office's best episodes, I also have a soft spot for "Christmas Party" in season two, where Jim gives Pam a cute teapot. On the latest episode of the Office Ladies podcast, co-hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, Fischer talked about Jim's teapot note for Pam, and — over 15 years after the episode first aired on Dec. 6, 2005 — she finally revealed what was written in the note.

If you recall, Jim picks Pam's name for the Dunder Mifflin's Secret Santa exchange, and he decides to get her a teapot filled with special mementos, as well as a secret note. However, at the last minute, he chickens out and pockets the note instead. After a disastrous Yankee Swap, where Dwight ends up with the teapot and threatens to use it as a neti pot, Pam finally gets the teapot back. However, it isn't until the last season of the show that Jim finally gives Pam that note — and its contents weren't revealed until now.

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During the podcast, Fischer explained that only she and John Krasinski know exactly what's written on that note (which wasn't actually written until season nine). According to Fischer, director Greg Daniels suggested that Krasinski write a personal message to Fischer, telling her what their time together on The Office meant to him. As Fischer said on the podcast, "We were wrapping up filming, we were wrapping up the series, and we were all so emotional at that time." Of course, Fischer didn't expect the experience of reading the note to be quite as emotional as it was.

The note ended up being a farewell from Krasinski to Fischer herself, as the show (and their time together) was reaching its conclusion. The actor said it felt very similar to the experience of filming her goodbye with Steve Carell in season seven, when Daniels prompted her to "run up and say goodbye to your friend Steve." Fischer went on the explain what happened when she read Krasinski's note for the first time. "I'm on camera, and I open up the note that John had given me, and I just start crying," she said, later joking, "The first take was probably not usable."

While Fischer said that she'll likely never reveal exactly what Krasinski wrote, she did want The Office fans to "just know that it was perfect." Sadly, I have a feeling that the actual message is going to remain a secret just between Jim and Pam forever, and TBH, that feels right.