We Finally Know How Jessica Jones Got Her Iconic Leather Jacket & It's Emotional AF

by Ani Bundel

Jessica Jones Season 2 is far more like the other Marvel shows in structure than Season 1. In the first season, Jessica Jones had one bad guy, one storyline, and one focus. Season 2 has been more like a season of Daredevil. The first five episodes are bloated to obscure the coming twist. The Big Bad was a red herring. And the middle episode is a pause in the story to give us a full on hour-long flashback so that we see how we got here. We also, in the process learn how Jessica Jones' jacket came to be. Warning: Spoilers for Jessica Jones Season 2 follow.

One of the most iconic things the Marvel series did when it remade Jessica Jones for the Netflix screen was take away her superhero suit, take away her bubbly personality, and remake her into a bitter, angry person. Her street clothes (as the costume designer pointed out) are her suit, and her jacket is her armor.

Her jacket is also iconic to those who would cosplay her, which is why fans also have wanted to know who makes it. The answer it turns out is Acne. (The answer is also "it's discontinued." Sorry.) But how did Jessica get the jacket on the show?


The answer is what you would expect: She stole it!

Episode 7 plays as a flashback of Alisa telling Jessica the story of how she survived, how she found out Jessica was alive and well, and how she tracked her down, only to accidentally kill the only person Jessica had in her life, her boyfriend Stirling, when she witnessed him try and pimp Jessica out for her abilities. But in between we see how Jessica met Stirling, how she and fell in love, shacked up, and had dreams that would never come to fruition.

Jessica had previously been living with Trish, who was attempting to have a pop star career, that was mostly people making money off her so it could go up everyone's nose. Horrified by her adopted sister's lifestyle, and unable to make her see there was a problem, Jessica decided to write her off. After all, she didn't need Trish's money. She could open ATMs if she needed to.

Not that we think Jessica is totally living off opening ATMs. (If she was, she and Stirling would have been able to open that club much easier, and Stirling wouldn't have found himself beset by thugs demanding their money back.) But she's using her powers in a way she doesn't nowadays, in a much more careless, and self-serving way. Currently, Jessica never uses her abilities unless she has to. Back then, sometimes, if she really wanted something, she'd just open the door and take it.


That's literally what happened here. She and Stirling were making out on a corner – he was teasing her about her middle name, she was joyously happy in a way we've never seen her. Then she looks over into the shop window, behind the roll-down security door, square in the center of the window, sitting on the dummy... is the jacket.

Jessica does what she wants, especially once Stirling basically dares her to do it. She grabs the roll up and throws it up, breaking the lock, and then she walks up to the door, busts it open, and takes the jacket.

The sad part is after Stirling dies, it's all she has left from that life. That jacket and that period of her life was one of the happiest. Her mother destroyed it, and no, Jessica isn't going to forgive anytime soon.