'Jessica Jones’ Costume Designer Reveals BTS Moments From The Badass Series – EXCLUSIVE


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Jessica Jones would scoff if you told her she was not only a superhero to millions but a fashion icon as well. Though she may not wear a costume, her look is as much a statement about what kind of superhero she is as Tony Stark's red armor. That low-key realism of the series is one of the hallmarks that makes it so good, and Jessica's low-key outfit has tons of hands that go into to making it look as good as it does on the show. According to Jessica Jones' costume designer Elisabeth Vastola, there's way more teamwork that goes into turning Krysten Ritter into Jessica Jones than The Defenders would ever be able to handle.

As the world of Netflix's Marvel-verse expands to three shows a year, so too does the creative world that brings the shows to life. Vastola took over the position of designing costumes for Jessica Jones at the beginning of Season 2, when Stephanie Maslansky (who designed Season 1 of all four standalone shows and The Defenders) chose to work on Luke Cage Season 2 instead. As Vastola tells Elite Daily: "Jessica Jones is my first foray into the world of Marvel. It’s a very grounded, very fashiony, but real people kind of aesthetic."


Jessica Jones may be a down-to-earth girl who doesn't consider herself a fashionista, but that doesn't mean dressing her is easy. One major change this year is that her iconic scarf, which Matt Murdock stole in The Defenders and wound up riddled with bullet holes, hasn't been replaced. Vastola says:

Speaking of the jacket, fans who have been itching to know who makes it and where they can get one, are out of luck.


Speaking of stunts, Vastola admits that Jessica's lack of superhero costumes actually makes it more difficult to dress her:

Working behind the scenes for the show is not always a glamorous job, either. In addition to singing lullabies to tank tops, there's lots of what Vastola calls "physical grunt work" that goes into this job, including "carrying clothing... trudging out and shopping in all kinds of elements... lots of late nights and early morning." She admits, "It really tests you."


However, Vastola explains:

Jessica Jones Season 2 arrives on Netflix on Thursday, March 8, 2018. Elisabeth Vastola's next Marvel show will be Daredevil Season 3, which arrive in late 2018.

Victoria Warnken/Elite Daily