‘Love Is Blind’s Jessica & Mark’s Astrological Compatibility Is Tricky

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If you finished Love Is Blind with a broken heart and a big old crush, chances are those feelings have to do with one of the most endearing romantics on the show, Mark Cuevas. Cuevas was all in with Jessica Batten from practically the very first day in the pods. And while they both tried to give the relationship a real shot, Batten was never able to fully drop her guard and ultimately left Cuevas at the altar. Sad, but when you consider Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas’ astrological compatibility, their unhappy ending makes so much sense.

Batten is a Cancer and Cuevas is a Pisces. Both are water signs who lead with their hearts and are seeking an epic love that lasts a lifetime. They connect on a deep emotional level that can be life-changing, but they both have hurdles to overcome — especially Cancer — in order to get there. Here's how their tricky astrological compatibility may explain why they ultimately weren't meant to be.

Cancer & Pisces Share Similar Values And Priorities.

It's not uncommon for Pisces and Cancer to have a powerful initial attraction because they are, in some ways, so similar. Both are water signs and, as such, are motivated by emotion. They are true romantics at heart and place a high value on loyalty and caregiving, so when they find someone who shares those priorities, they can feel like they’ve found their perfect match. This can be true for many Cancer-Pisces relationships, so long as the connection and attraction between them is equal. If that’s off-balance, it can create insurmountable problems for this couple. That said, it's no surprise that from the safety of the pods, where these two could really be emotionally vulnerable, they connected so quickly.

Cancer Can Have A Hard Time Opening Up.

Because Cancer is ruled by the moon — the heavenly body associated with emotion — this sign loves intensely. But it takes them some time to get there because they can be very guarded at first. At their core, they’re so vulnerable that they put up all kinds of walls for their potential partners to get over. And even with someone great, Cancer struggles to let down all their defenses. This may explain why Batten was so focused on the age gap between her and Cuevas — it gave her the protection she needed whenever things got too intense between them.

Pisces Tends To Only See What They Want To See.

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac, so they want the full romantic fantasy — including the drama, and, of course, the happy ending. They have a colorful imagination and can clearly envision their life with their partner. In many ways, this works for them. They believe they can manifest their desires through faith, optimism, and willpower. However, this approach can sometimes lead them to miss the obvious. They see what they want to see rather than reality. This could be why Cuevas didn't see the fatal flaw in his relationship with Jessica: She couldn't open her heart.

While Cuevas and Batten’s relationship may have been bittersweet, it's a great reminder that not every relationship is meant to last forever. Life goes on and a greater love may be just around the corner. (PS: Cuevas says he’s still single, so go ahead and slide right into those DMs.)

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